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Mangano Compound

The Bombing of the Mangano Compound in 1960.

The Mangano Compound was the main base of the Mangano crime family, located in Miami, Florida. It was where Don Samuele Mangano, his made men, and his buttonmen lived, ate, and slept. In 1960, to crush the Mangano family, Dominic bombed the compound.

History Edit

The compound was built by ABF Ltd., a company operating in Florida and fronting the construction crime ring. Thus, the compound was quickly built and was eloquently designed to fit a large family. The Mangano family purchased it for $130,000,000, storing their Sicilian vehicles in the large parking garage. The Manganos paid their bills by using money laundered from their Money Laundering Crime Ring, as well as using the Construction Crime Ring to make additions to the mansion. It had three floors, and a large porch that viewed the Gulf of Mexico. The Trapani family bombed the compound in January 1960 to hopefully kill Don Mangano and the last of his buttonmen, having his demolitions expert Jimmy Lira plant a bomb on the gas main, obliterating the structure.

However, Dominic rebuilt the compound for use as his main base in Miami against the Granados and Almeidas. He fled to here to ditch the police after shooting Hyman Roth.