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Emblem of the Mangano family

Mangano crime family

Paolo Riccitello, Provenzano Porco, Baldo Campi, Don Samuele Mangano, Giorgio Strozzi, and Giovanni Corbinelli.

The Mangano crime family was an Italian criminal organization founded in the 1920s by Samuele Mangano. The Mangano family was one of the most powerful of the Italian Mafia families in the world, and they moved to Cuba and the United States in 1959 to pursue business opportunities offered to them by Hyman Roth. The Mangano family was wiped out in a mob war in 1959 with the rival Trapani crime family. The Manganos dealt in racketeering, contract killing, illegal gambling, gun smuggling, drug trafficking, extortion, chop shops, vehicle shipping, and corruption. They were allied to the Tattaglia crime family and formerly the Trapani family, while they were enemies of the Trapanis and the Granados crime family.


The Mangano crime family was created in the 1937 in Sicily by Samuele Mangano founding after his older brothers called Alessandro Mangano, Marco Mangano, Paulie Mangano joined his family. In 1959 Samuele branched out his family to include the Casino Havana and the Casino Imperial in the Cuban capital of Havana, and they shared territory with the Almeida crime family. The Manganos later secured an agreement with the Trapani crime family to move to the United States, and the two families became business partners. The partnership ended when hitmen attempted to assassinate Trapani Don Dominic Corleone and Corleone crime family member Fredo Corleone at Dominic's safehouse, and Fredo was certain that the Manganos were attempting to take over Miami from Dominic. In return, Dominic took over Global Storage, the one front that the Manganos owned in Miami. Don Samuele Mangano was furious, and arranged for a meeting between Consigliere Paolo Riccitello and Dominic in an abandoned warehouse, where Paolo informed Dominic that the families were going to war. The Manganos took over several Trapani rackets across Miami, and the two families fought in an all-out mob war. The end result was the Trapani assault on the Mangano Compound after all of the Mangano fronts were taken over, and Don Mangano and the last of his made men were killed. The Mangano family was destroyed, and the Trapanis took over all of their businesses in both their base of Miami and Havana.

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