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Marco Forelli.png
Marco Forelli
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born February 2, 1940
Bushwick, Brooklyn
Died 1992
Little Italy, Manhattan
Affiliation Forelli Family
Title(s) Soldato

Marco Forelli was an Italian-American mobster who was a made man in the Forelli crime family, serving as a Soldato. In 1992, his downfall came when the Leone crime family sent their associate Carl Johnson to kill him in exchange for the attempt by the Forelli Family to assassinate Sindacco crime family Underboss Johnny Sindacco in Las Vegas.


Forelli was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn, 1940 the son of Michael Forelli, Sr., who was a military corporal who worked in of Brooklyn and parts of Miami. He was the second-youngest brother, besides Santino, Franco, and Michael. Forelli made his bones in his twenties, in 1990, and became a high-ranking enforcer for the family. He ran the Marco's Bistro in Little Italy for the Forellis and the Leones, but the alliance between the two ended in 1992 when a three-way conflict between the Forellis, Leones, and Sindaccos broke out over the Caligula's Palace casino. When the Forellis sent hitmen to kill Johnny Sindacco, the attempt failed, and Forelli was the target of a gang retaliation by the Leones.


Salvatore Leone sent his associate Carl Johnson to New York City to take out Marco Forelli as an act of vengeance against the Forellis, as Johnson was trustworthy; he worked for his son Joey Leone from 1987 to 1992. Johnson headed to Marco's Bistro, fighting his way through the Forelli associates who were defending the joint and shooting Marco Forelli with an SMG in the kitchen area, finishing him off and settling the war. 52 yurs