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Mark McCluskey.png
Mark McCluskey
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born March 12, 1890
Brooklyn, NYC
Died January 16, 1946
Midtown, NYC
Affiliation NYPD.png NYPD
Tattaglia.png Tattaglia crime family
Title(s) Police Captain, Associate

Mark McCluskey was an NYPD Police Captain born in Brooklyn, New York City. He was a crooked cop, acting as the bodyguard for the Tattaglia associate Virgil Sollozzo. McCluskey was shot along with Sollozzo in the Louis Restaurant on June 6, 1946, by Michael Corleone.


McCluskey gets shot twice in the head by Michael Corleone.

McCluskey was born on March 12, 1890, in Brooklyn. His father and mother were Irish immigrants, who moved over in 1886. McCluskey joined the police force in 1908, becoming a police officer. He began working with the Tattaglias ever since 1930, when they began having him on their payroll. McCluskey and the mob had strong ties, with the Tattaglias pulling his strings and making him put "stings" on rival family members. He locked up several Corleones in December 1945, hoping to get rid of the injured Vito Corleone's guards in the hospital so that Virgil Sollozzo's assassins could exterminate him. He arrived after the assassins were all gunned down, and almost arrested Michael Corleone and Aldo Trapani had it not been for their consigliere and lawyer Tom Hagen, who threatened to make him appear with cause in a court if he did not let them go. McCluskey broke Corleone's jaw before Hagen intervened, which would soon prove fatal.

In June 1946, after almost a year of war between the Corleones and Tattaglias, Sollozzo was ready to make peace. McCluskey escorted him and Michael Corleone to the Louis Restaurant in Midtown, Barzini territory, where they sat down to have a peace meeting over dinner. However, Corleone went to the bathroom and returned with a .38 Snub Nose revolver that had been planted behind a box-and-chain toilet, and put a bullet in Sollozzo's forehead. He shot McCluskey in the neck first, and then shot him once in the forehead, making the first slain NYPD Police Captain in mob history.