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Michael De Santa, formerly Michael Townley, is an American bank robber who was originally from the East Coast, before moving to Los Santos following a failed 2004 bank heist in Bismarck, North Dakota. He was declared dead and changed his name to "Michael De Santa", and lived a secret life, until he re-ignited his career in 2013.


Early Career[]

De Santa was born in the Midwest of the United States, he found by a an old man named Domenico De Santa and became his second-in-comand and pursued a life of crime as a young man. By the time he was twenty Domenico is died and he became new leader of his gang, he had already been imprisoned twice. He robbed banks, ran whores, smuggled dope. In 1988, on the outskirts of Flint, Michigan, he robbed a bank and scored $10,000. He married Amanda and had two children, Jimmy and Tracey. In 2004, took part in a heist along with his gang, in Bismarck, North Dakota. He took $179,000 from the vault after blowing the door and forcing the three hostages into a closet, and Trevor Phillips (a former pilot he befriended) rescued him from a guard. During the car chase, his driver was shot in the head by a policeman in the other car, and when his car was damaged by a train, he was forced to park in a snowy small town of three houses. The police caught up and a sniper shot his friend Brad, and he was wounded in the chest. Trevor held off the police, and Michael was supposed dead. This was all part of his plan, as he turned himself in to the FBI while Brad was put in his coffin, but Trevor believed he was alive due to letters sent from him (actually Agent Dave Norton) from jail. Michael arrived at "his funeral", listening to the sermon, before disappearing from public with his family. He headed to Los Angeles, where he made a sweetheart deal with the FBI that gave him a home in Beverely Hills. However, he had to see a psychiatrist, telling him about his son (who was lazy, a pot smoker, and distant from him) and his troubled life with his wife and rebellious daughter.

Reignited Career[]

One day, he met Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis, telling them where the Berto beach house, home of Simeon Yetarian, was. He met him again when Clinton was sent by Yetarian to steal a jeep from his home, stolen by Jimmy, and forced Franklin to drive through the window of Simeon's shop. He beat Yetarian and warned him not to send anyone to his home again.

However, he befriended Clinton when he came to visit DeSanta at his home for a beer that he promised. When they were going to go to a bar, his son called and told him that the yacht, which he was trying to secretly sell, had been stolen, and DeSanta and Clinton drove to Pacific Bluffs. They chased the car with the yacht on back, Franklin acting as the boarding party as Michael chased the truck. He got his son and Franklin, but not the yacht.


His personal life again suffered when his wife was caught cheating with him for the tennis coach. He chased the coach to a house, pulling down the huge cliffside deck, but the coach called him back, telling him that it was not his deck; he was just hiding there. A woman next to him told Michael that Martin Madrazo gave the green light for him, and two cars attempted to kill him. Franklin shot back as Michael sped away. They drove to the mansion and killed all of the Mexican mobsters, and Michael made it to safety. Franklin was thanked, and Michael advised that he go to a shooting range.

Soon, he decided to come out of retirement and phone Lester, an old friend. He was told to meet him, and in the meanwhile, he stole an armored car, blew it up, and took the money. He then headed to Lester's homestead in El Burro Heights, and found him. He told Lester that he wanted to get back in the game, and was told by Lester that they could help each other out. He was told to go to a Suburban store and dress like a billionaire for Lester, for some mission. After buying a suitable outfit he drove to the Lifeinvader studio, where he was to take a prototype. He acted entitled, and entered the rear entrance, and met a programmer, who told him to follow him, thinking he was an IT programmer. He used an antivirus to delete all of the porn videos that he had, and all of the problems on his computer. While the programmer walked away, he rigged a prototype and headed home to watch the keynote. He had to take the remote from Tracey, and watched Weazel News, with Jay Norris on. On the TV, he saw Norris' speach, and when he showed off the phone, he called him, and a phone bomb blew off his head.

He attempted to repair his relationship with his son, going to the cinema with him, playing tennis, and going on a bike ride around Vespucci Beach. However, Tracey got mad at him when he saved her from two porn producers off of a cruise ship, as she posted on Facebook that she was hanging out there. Both Jimmy and Tracey returned home in a cab, mad at Michael. Soon after, he was called by Amanda, who needed help. She was put in the back of a police car, but as the officer talked to another criminal under arrest, Michael got in the car and drove away, getting home.

Vangelico Heist[]

Soon, Michael met with Lester again, and planned to rob the jewelery store Vangelico to gain enough money to pay off his debt to Madrazo. Lester gave him glasses that could take pictures, so he took photos of strategic areas on the roof. He chose a crew (including Franklin) for the heist, and set about getting the materials. 

First, he stole a Bugstar pest control van and escaped the LAPD through the subway systems, and stole a Humane van with the knockout gas on the highway near Hollywood Hills. He dropped off the van at the garment factory, and the score was ready to go. After a complex scheme, the heist was a success. He got over $1,000,000, while Madrazo got $2,000,000. They laid low for a while, while Trevor found out that he was alive in a news report.

Trevor arrived at his mansion and confronted Michael in his kitchen. The two headed off to stop Tracey from auditioning for TV show Fame or Shame, and they saved her from enbarrasing herself on live TV. They saved Tracey from the security and used a rig to chase Lazlow, the host of Fame or Shame.

FBI Work[]

He worked with FBI agent Dave Norton, an old friend who helped him in the Witness Protection Program, and who had predicted that Trevor would find out about his heist; he had a correct intuition. Davey needed to find Fernando Kerimov in the morgue, as he believed him to be dead; Michael was supposed to have killed him in exchange for the feds keeping his story quiet. Michael was knocked out, disguised as a dead man, and put into the morgue. He woke up and took back his clothes as well as his guns. He told Davey that the toetag of Kerimov was on an old black lady, and he had to escape the area; the people could not let him leave having seen what he had seen. He jumped out a window and into a trash can, and lost the police. He told Franklin to meet him at the oil derricks in El Burro Heights. While driving, Dave called him to meet him between the FBI and CIA buildings. Michael told Franklin to leave town, and he needed to leave town as well. However, Franklin promised to help him fix his problems, and left. 

Michael returned to his home and practiced yoga with Fabien LaRouche and his wife, but he was knocked into the pool when he tried to lunge at Fabien when he practiced a sexual-like position with Amanda. The two left, and Michael headed to Jimmy's room, and asked if he could leave the house with him. Michael met Jimmy's friend, a drug dealer, near a Burger King, and Jimmy anesthetized Michael with a drink. Jimmy took his car and Michael was thrown onto the street. Michael had a dream where he was abducted in a UFO while in an alleyway with Chimpanzees, and Xenomorphs looked at his body. He woke up in just his white boxers, and when he returned home, Amanda left a note telling him that she was leaving for a while because she said that he "did drugs" in Jimmy's car. 

Michael decided that he would meet the FBI agents in the alleyway like he was told. He met Steve Haines, Norton, and Devin Weston, a billionaire. He was told to kill a target with aid from Trevor and Franklin. They met in El Rancho; Trevor was to fly the helicopter, Franklkin would provide support, and Michael would do the main work. Michael jumped off the helicopter onto the CIA building and rescued a prisoner, and saw Karen, who was formerly the girlfriend of Niko Bellic, interrogating the man before gunning all of the guards down as she fled. 

One day, he was called to a warehouse in El Rancho to meet with Norton and Haines, where they told him to go to Caesar's Place in Beverly Hills to find a man with a problem, who allegedly worked at a consulate; they interrogated the man that DeSanta had just rescued to find this out. He found out that Tahir Javan was in Chumash from Trevor, who interrogated the man with zappers. On the car ride, he found out from Davey that Brad was dead, put in DeSanta's grave, and that Trevor thought that he was in jail and was sending him letters (sent by Norton and the agency). He found out that he had a bushy beard, and looked around. However, lots of men had beards, and he found out that he had a beard, was a chain smoker, and left handed. Michael sniped the man, and Trevor left, taking the man to the airport, where he left the country. 

He was contacted by Trevor about taking a load of military equipment from a cargo ship, along with Franklin, Wade Hebert, and Floyd Hebert. They would have to sink the ship and take the cargo from the wreckage. Michael was the main man, on the deck, placing the bombs. However, the alarm went off, and Franklin saved him from a chopper and reinforcements. When he cleared off the deck, the explosives were blown up, sinking the ship. In a scuba suit, Michael found the device, so Trevor picked it up in the sub. However, Lester arrived and told him to take it back because it was a secret weapon, and they could be on a watchlist. 

The three united shortly after to work with the FBI to take a bonds truck from the airport to stop the agency from funding a war on the streets. He used a sports car as a getaway car and stashed it in a Little Seoul alleyway for later use. He also bought three Orc-like masks for his men to wear for the heist. He also stole a garbage truck in Murrieta Heights in front of a cigarette store and barber shop, and drove it to the FBI lot. After Franklin picked up the tow truck, the plan was ready. Michael was suppose to block the roads with a garbage truck.

They drove to Cypress Flats, with Trevor and Franklin in the towtruck, Michael in the garbage truck. Facing a window of a few moments, Michael blocked the road's two lanes. Soon, the LAPD and SWAT arrived, so Michael had to hold them off. After minutes, a window appeared and the team made it to the getaway point with the bonds. After making sure that Franklin blew up the getaway car, he drove to Devin's house. He gave the package to Devin Weston, and left.

Work for Devin Weston[]

However, Devin told him that there would be a job for him; he, Trevor, and Franklin would dress up as traffic cops and rob two trust fund cars. As Franklin raced the two drivers, they chased them on their bikes. They halted the racing cars and hijacked them, and Franklin followed them home. However, the call was for five cars, not two, so as Phillips and Clinton were sent in an LAPD helicopter to find a valuable car in Hawick, Devin would keep in touch with Michael about his friend Solomon Richards

He called the Downtown Cab Co. to drive him to Solomon, and reached his mansion. He talked with him as a friend and told him that he would become his new assistant and was sent to fix a problem with Rocco Pelosi, agent to Milton Maclroy, who was proving troublesome about his pay for a movie called "Meltdown". He was told to take Anton and Milton out of a club secretly, as Rocco would take them away quicker if he heard that a man from the studio was coming. As Rocco got something from inside the club, he snuck around to get to the heli. He beat up Rocco and took the copter back to Solomon's with the actors inside, and a grateful Solomon made him assistant producer. 

Soon after, Madrazo called him to come to La Fuerta Blanca, his home, and told him to bring Trevor with him. While driving to the home, he was called by Dr. Friedlander in a phone session (which cost him $1,500), and told him about his bad decisions, how his family left him, and how he hurt people, but also told him that he was an assistant movie producer and that he was doing good. He was informed that phone sessions were a little more expensive than sitting sessions, so he decided that he should see the doctor in person next time.

When Michael arrived at Madrazo's home, Trevor arrived in his pickup truck. The two met with Madrazo in his mansion, and Trevor was introduced to Martin. Madrazo told Michael that he needed his cousin killed because he was thinking of testifying against him. Michael got into the van with the gun and shot the plane as it soared over Downtown Los Angeles, heading for the airport. He shot the plane's engines and it slowly crashed, Trevor following the smoking plane on a motorcycle. It eventually crashed in Sandy Shores and Trevor took out the cousin. When Trevor took the files out, Michael drove away and blew up the van, before driving to Martin's house. However, he met Trevor at the cement works instead. He found out that Trevor kidnapped Patricia and took Martin's car when he refused to pay him, and they fled to a cabin in the woods. He met Ron while in the cabin, and when Franklin called, he heard that Michael was in a cabin near the Alamo Sea.

Michael drove to the top floor of a liquor mart, where Trevor made a home with a dirty couch and a TV. Soon, Dave Norton and Steve Haines arrived, telling him that they needed to find out about some nerve gas stored in a research lab upstate. They were told that they needed a boat, a helicopter, and guns. He gave Lester a call, telling him that they were driving up to Paleto Bay, and Lester agreed to meet them there. Lester told them that the alarm at the bank was a relic, so they decided to hit on the cash that the police extorted from meth dealers and money that was made by the businesses. 

He met with Trevor in order to deal with the O'Neil Brothers, who vowed to kill Trevor after he killed most of them. On the Grand Ocean Highway, Franklin came to help by tailing the O'Neil brothers in a car chase. As Franklin killed some on the ground, Michael picked off three of them with a sniper rifle, and the gang was eliminated. The helicopter was flown to McKenzie Airfield near Trevor's home in Sandy Shores. He was driven home by Franklin as Trevor returned to his shack. 

Soon, Michael was contacted by Lester about the military equipment necessary for the heist. He hijacked a hardware truck near Great Chaparral and drove it to the meth lab in Sandy Shores. With the hardware secure, the heist was ready. Michael and Chef took the payload as Trevor held off the police and Franklin arrived with the getaway vehicle. He got $410,000 for his cut.

Soon after, Michael, Trevor, and Ron planned to steal gold from a train so that he could get back into Los Angeles by paying his debt off to the Mexican. He went on a boat and found the boxcar (in the lake; Trevor's train derailed in a crash) and took several boxes out as Trevor held off Merryweather. He drove the boat away with the score as Trevor shot at the boats. They landed on North Chumash, and Michael set out to give the artifact to Martin to pay off his debts. However, before he could do so, Steve called and told him that the FBI bought the equipment needed for the job with the $6 million stolen from the Paleto bank, intending to find a nerve gas agent in the Humane Labs and Research upstate. Haines denied him an extra week (as he asked, so he could pay off his debt to Madrazo) and Haines told him that they had already called Franklin about the gig.

Michael met Franklin on the pier where the FBI wanted them to meet. Haines arrived expecting six men, but only found the crew, so sent them in alone to fix the nerve gas problem. He was sent to join with the FBI, Franklin and Trevor on getaway. He drove Haines and Norton to the bay and they infiltrated through the discharge tunnel. He used a cutter to open the grate and climbed up a ladder into the base after traveling through the cooling pipes. They zapped several workers en route to the nerve gas room and took the nerve agent, but they had to shoot their way through CIA and the military. They put the nerve agent in the refrigeration unit outside, and Trevor arrived in a military transport UH-60 helicopter. As Haines covered, Norton and Michael left. Haines shot himself in the leg and told the United Liberty Paper Contact (who had worked with John Gambetti and Niko Bellic in New York) that he was an FBI special agent who had just taken a bullet; the contact did not believe him and had him detained. Norton and DeSanta were dropped off at the McKenzie Airfield and he met with Franklin, and learned that Lester gave Madrazo the artifact, and the only part left was for Trevor to give Madrazo his wife. Trevor did so, actually sobbing, and was sad that every woman in his life "abandoned him", although she explained that she was just going home. Madrazo thanked Michael for the exquisite artifact, and made up.

While Trevor took over the Vanilla Unicorn, Michael and Lester planned out a heist on the Union Depository, a place that he promised to hit if Trevor gave the wife back to Madrazo and to give him the artifact. Michael met Trevor in the strip club, and soon, Franklin and Lester arrived. They planned out the "big one": the Union Depository score, worth $20 million. Michael scouted out the area with Franklin in a car and planned the entrance. 

Michael met with Trevor at his home one day, and a curious Trevor asked who was buried in his place in North Dakota. However, when he thought that it was Brad, he stole Michael's car and drove to the airport to go to Bismarck. Michael pursued him to the airport in an SUV and headed to the second floor terminal, expecting to find Trevor. He took the plane to Bismarck and headed to the cemetery, where the two fought, and Trevor aimed a pistol at him, and he also pulled a gun. Trevor shot him in the arm, and when he aimed to fire back, he found the Cheng Triad, who were looking to kill Trevor. He shot his way through the Chinese gangsters in the cemetery, and when his car broke down, the Chinese gangsters held him hostage in a packing factory. 

Michael was rescued by Franklin, and he was dropped off at home in his Beverly Hills mansion, and he explained the background to Franklin, and told him to watch out. 

Michael was phoned by Lester, who told him that his FBI friends were waiting for him at the Garment Factory, and that he should go to see them as soon as possible. En route, he helped a man get his $500 back from two of The Lost MC, and the man let him keep $50 for himself. He then drove to Lester's store, and they met Dave Norton and Steve Haines. Since the CIA was on them, the dirty FBI would have to find out what evidence the CIA had. Steve promised him that if he helped out, all of his files would be deleted. They drove to the FBI parking lot, waiting for janitor Harvey Molina to come out, as Lester had made contact with him. Lester and Michael waited in their yellow Hummer and waited until Molina's car came out. They followed him, and Lester spoke with Agent Haines on the phone, and Haines agreed to give him a budget; the leftover money from the Paleto heist that was not used for the lab attack. He soon arrived at the janitor's home, and the janitor gave him his overalls and ID without any confrontation, as he wanted to go on a break; he worked two jobs. They drove back to the garment factory, where Franklin was waiting. Since there were no architectural plans for the building online, Michael would have to take them from Chip Peterson's office in Backlot City.

Michael arrived at Solomon's studio for work with him. However, he saw Rocco Pelosi and his friend Gianni beating on the poor old man, so he intervened, and the two sped away in a car. Solomon told Michael to eliminate them, so Michael pursued them in a car chase. Michael shot the two men in the backs of the heads as they drove in their red sports car, killing them. He drove back to the studio and entered Solomon's room, and Solomon showed him his name in the credits of his movie, which made Michael feel happy that he finally did something with his life. 

Franklin called Michael about the architect, and that he found out something. Franklin took the plans from the site and Michael chose Hugh Welsh and Gustavo Mota as his gunmen for the robbery of the FBI: the team would blow up firebombs, and later come in dressed as firemen and take the evidence. He took the getaway vehicle to La Mesa in an alley, and the heist was ready; Franklin had already taken a firetruck. The Bureau Raid was in motion.

Meeting at Darnell Bros, Michael, Lester, and Franklin met. Michael dressed as a janitor with Molina's uniform, and he helped Lester put gasoline on the floors of the garment factory, preparing to destroy it. Michael drove a black Obey Tailgater sedan to the FBI office, preparing to match his role as a man who was going to mop the building. Michael went to the FBI building and to the turnstile, and was belived to be a new guy and let through. He headed to the maintenance cabinet and got his cleaning materials. After sweeping for a little bit, he placed a bomb in a locker. He repeated the process, and put a bomb in the toilet. He put his tools back in the closet and left the office. 

An explosion was triggered through a phone bomb and the four rushed into the building as firefighters and took the containment device. Although Welsh was killed when the door exploded in fire, the team managed to exit the collapsing building. An explosion knocked Franklin out, so Michael and Gus had to wait for him, and they climbed to the top of the building, and they rappelled to the bottom of the building through the elevator shaft. They left the building and got to the firetruck, driving to Lester's home. En route, Michael considered taking Hugh's screenplay that he wrote, and making it into a movie. Lester was overjoyed to see the three home, and they all shared good laughs, and Lester, Michael, and Franklin had moonshine. Michael then left to tell Davey and Haines about their deed to finish their jobs. He was called by Davey, who told him to meet at the Kortz Center to discuss the Merryweather situation, to Michael's anger; this was supposed to be his last job. 

He met with Dave Norton at the center, and Haines unexpectively arrived. Haines had Agent Sanchez arrest Michael for every crime under the son, and because they were afraid that he would testify in court. The government thought that it was indeed Haines' fault, and soon, Sanchez called the United Liberty Paper contact and the CIA, and soon, the SWAT arrived, followed by Merryweather. Haines shot Sanchez in the back of the head as the SWAT shot Haines in the same leg that he had shot at the labs, and a huge gunfight began. Norton and Michael shot several of the government agents, and the contact was caught in the crossfire between all parties and killed. When he thought that he was going to be killed by a helicopter, Trevor sniped the pilot. Michael thanked him, and helped Dave escape. He then drove to the pawn shop in Morningwood to conversate with Trevor, escaping the rogue FBI. He shot the pilot of a helicopter while speeding through South Beverly Drive, and returend to Morningwood.

He met Trevor after having fought through two government agencies and private militia. Trevor told him that he was a worthless wretch who deserved to be put under. He explained that he came back for the last score, and that if he succeeded in the score, he would let him live. Lester said that the heist would be ready. Michael returned home to his mansion, and drank a lot, and turned the TV on and watched for hours. He woke up to Jimmy saying "hey", and he wanted to hug him out and say that he loved him, and he promised to stop doing drugs. He told Michael that she was bored and that she was having tantric sex with a younger man, and that she was scared that he would die. He went over to her house to make it seem that he loved her, so he headed to Bean Machine, where Amanda was. She found Amanda and Fabien having coffee at a table. Michael hit Fabien's head with a woman's laptop, and although he hit him hard, he was alive. He told Amanda that he needed her, and Amanda said that they could try, on neutral ground on Dr. Friedlander's office. He planned to bring Amanda, Jimmy, and Amanda to Dr. Friedlander. Jimmy and Michael headed to the tattoo parlor where Lazlow and Amanda were, and he eavesdropped, hearing that Amanda would be let on the show if she gave him a blowjob. He pierced his ear, brow, and nose in the parlor, in revenge. He also tore his shirt off and tattooed a penis on his back and he cut his ponytail off. He was forced to put Amanda on his show and let her do what she wanted. He drove his children to therapy, where they were entitled to wait as he and his wife sorted things out.

They met with Dr. Friedlander, and Amanda started insulting Michael, and the two started having some fighting. However, when they left, he convinced them to go home, having paid $4,000 for the meeting. He agreed not to get him or everyone dead. The family was reunited, and they returned to the mansion. Michael arrived to help Franklin in his rescue of his friend Lamar from the Ballas and OG Stretch, and he navigated them through heading to the sawmill. Michael used a sniper rifle as Trevor and Franklin attacked. Eventually, they found Lamar, who was taking cover, weaponless. When Franklin drove Lamar to safety, Michael and Trevor returned to their homes. 

Michael headed to do some work for Solomon, but was called by Tracey, who said that a man was following her in Hollywood Plaza. Michael headed in her car around the area, eventually finding him in Burton in a purple car. When the stalker tried to flee, he shot him in the back of the head, and he lost the cops. He drove her home, and he drove away to Solomon's studio. He entered his room and found Devin Weston and Molly Schultz there. He found out that Weston wanted Richards' son to help him take away the film so that he could get insurance. Michael pursued Molly, who took the film, to the airport, hoping to talk her out of destroying his film (he was the producer). He pursued her car on the tarmac, and she fled into the building, although she was sucked into a plane's starboard engine, tearing her to shreds. De Santa took the film reel and flew off in a small plane, shaking off the police. 

He got a tuxedo at Ponsonby's and headed to the premiere of "Meltdown" with Jimmy and his family. Along with Jimmy, he was taken to the premier in a limousine, drinking champagne. Michael, Solomon, and Jimmy arrived, as did Lazlow. They entered the TCL Chinese Theater, and Milton was seen on TV with Lazlow. Devin attended the premiere, and got a picture with Jimmy and Michael. However, he learned that the girls were in danger at home when Devin said that the "girls were stuck at home". He arrived and killed many of the mercenaries there, and freed Tracey from a hostage taker. He gunned down the invading Merryweather mercenaries, but a man knocked him out in the head. Suddenly, the lights went off, and Jimmy hit him in the head with a bong, dressed in his vintage US Army replica uniform. This was the last of the mercs, and the family was safe. He phoned Lester, and planned to finish the Union depository heist before things got any hotter. He met with the crew at the strip joint. Soon after, Michael arrived, seeing Franklin, Trevor, and Lester.

Lester proposed that the armored cars were hijacked, the crews held hostage, and they would drive into the building. Other option was a distraction out front, making it seem that the men were dumb. Michael would be the distractor. However, the subtle approach was better, and was carefully planned.

Michael procured the police van with the stingers after climbing over the South LA Station's wall and knocking out the guard, before driving the van to Vanilla Unicorn. When Franklin got the three modified Gauntlets, the heist was ready, and Lester told them to meet at the club. They pulled off a historical heist that got them $16 million each. Michael fought with Trevor, causing Franklin to leave, but he returned home and got a good sleep.

Michael and Trevor arrived at the foundry where they were told to meet Franklin for a setup against Devin Weston and Steve Haines, who wanted them both dead. When the FBI arrived, they were ambushed, and when Merryweather arrived, the mercs and feds started shooting each other. During the fight, Trevor went missing and Michael looked for him. He found him taking cover, and they fought off more agents. They regrouped by the loading bay after killing all of the attackers. Michael swore to kill Harold Joseph at the BJ Smith Recreational Center. Michael gunned him down with a Light MG along with some other Ballas. He assisted Trevor and Frnaklin in pushing a car with Devin Weston stuffed in a trunk off a cliff, and the three decided to lay low.

One day, he visited Dr. Friedlander, and he told the doctor that things were on the uptick, that things were finally coming together for him. However, Dr. Friedlander told him that hope was the opposite of hard work, and Michael admitted that he was not a good person lately, telling him that he was a "fucking prick". He accepted Dr. Friedlander's advice, and told him that he was a good boy in terms of sex. He stayed true to Amanda, and felt that there was progress in some areas, but not in some other. Isaiah got a photo with the doctor, but he told him that he could not treat him anymore, and thought that he needed a new therapist. The doctor told him that he would use his case on his TV show, and he said that he would leave town. The doctor tried to flee to his car, having angered Michael about saying that he would be famous because of Michael's story, so Michael finished him with an SMG as the doctor entered his red sports car. He fled on his bicycle, and rode away, his problem solved.