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Made man
Nicanor Borromeo
Biographical Information
Aliases Nick
Gender Male
Born April 18, 1905
Chiapas, Mexico
Died January 1960
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Granados Granados crime family
Title(s) Consigliere
Nicanor "Nick" Borromeo was a Mexican lawyer and gangster who became the Consigliere of the Granados crime family from 1940 to 1960, hired by Don Rico Granados as an adviser and a legal team leader. Borromeo was murdered in 1960 in the Granados War.

Biography Edit

Borromeo was born in Chiapas, Mexico, to a wealthy Mestizo family. Borromeo was involved with law as a young man and headed to Harvard University in the United States for law training. He stayed in the USA and moved to Miami for a new contract, sent by Don Rico Granados of the Granados crime family. Borromeo was involved with the family's drug dealing and other illicit activities, which he all advised.

Death Edit

In the war with the Corleone crime family in 1959, he was a target for them. After one year, Capo Dominic was able to take over all of Granados' fronts and Borromeo was killed when Dominic attacked the Granados Compound, where the Corleones finished off the last Granados enforcers and made men.