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Nico D'Avella.jpg
Nico D'Avella
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born March 7, 1898
Scicli Ragusa Sicily
Died December 23, 1945
Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn
Affiliation Tattaglia.png Tattaglia crime family
Title(s) Caporegime

Nico D'Avella was the mastermind behind the hit on Vito Corleone.


D'Avella immigrated from Sicily and became an executioner for the Tattaglia crime family in the 1930s and was made a Capo in 1936 during the Pacification of New York. D'Avella was the mastermind of the hit attempt on Don Vito Corleone in 1945 as he left work, waiting on the Brooklyn Bridge with a barricade of cars to prevent the hospital from reaching Brooklyn should help come. During a firefight with Aldo Trapani, he was beaten into revealing that Tom Hagen was held at Joe's Diner, before being killed in the finale of the shootout.