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Niko Bellic
Biographical Information
Aliases Niko
Gender Male
Born April19, 1978
Serbia, Yugoslavia
Affiliation Faustin crime family
Hillside Posse
Spanish Lords
Torres Cartel
McReary crime family
Gambetti crime family
Pegorino crime family
Title(s) Associate

Nikola "Niko" Bellic is a Serbian-American man who had a reputation as a hired gun in New York City in 2008. A veteran of the Yugoslav Wars, he became an employee of Russian Mafia boss Ray Bulgarin after he failed to find a postwar job, but the two later fell out when Bulgarin blamed the loss of several diamonds on him. Later, he immigrated to America in search of a man who sold out his squad of fifteen boys during the Yugoslav Wars, in addition to fleeing from Bulgarin and moving in with his cousin Roman Bellic to pursue the American Dream. Starting off saving Roman from his Albanian Mob loan sharks, he eventually became a contract killer with a net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars, having made connections to several underworld members. Some of his famous victims were Pegorino crime family boss Jimmy Pegorino, his capo Ray Boccino, Russian Mafia bosses Dimitri Rascalov and Mikhail Faustin, and dozens of other major organized crime figures. Bellic was not always a public enemy; he also did vigilante missions for the New York Police Department (NYPD) via their police car computers, cleaning up the streets from criminals who were either congregating at a location, stealing cars, or simply fleeing on foot.


Early Life and Yugoslav Wars[]

Ray Bulgarin

Niko Bellic was born in 1978 in Yugoslavia in present-day Serbia. His mother was Milica Bellic. His brother was killed in the Yugoslav Wars, and Niko was forced to join the army as a child. Niko was a member of a squad of fifteen other children from his village, and he was trained how to pilot a helicopter and a tank, and the war left him bitter, angry, and pessimistic about life. In 1995, one of his squad members sold out the rest of the squad to the enemy, and all of them but three were killed. Niko, Florian Cravic, and Darko Brevic were the only survivors of the ambush by the enemy forces. Niko determined that one of the squad members had sold the rest of the squad out, and sought to put his past behind him by finding them and encountering them. After the war finished, he was unable to find a job, so he worked with unsavoury criminals in the Adriatic Sea slave trade. He worked alongside Ray Bulgarin in the slave trade as an associate of the Russian Mafia, and smuggled people into Italy. One day, a ship sunk and he had to swim for his life, and Bulgarin blamed for the loss of his money on the sinking ship. With Bulgarin wanting Niko dead, Niko decided to flee his homeland. Around this time, the FBI began to gather intelligence on his operations in the Adriatic, and began to type files on his criminal activities. His cousin Roman Bellic, who lived in New York City in the United States, wrote to him often and told him that he lived in a mansion and had a wealthy lifestyle. Niko decided to pursue the American Dream by living with Roman, and decided to immigrate to America, knowing some English from some British women in Serbia. 

Arrival in New York City[]

In 2008, he arrived in New York City on a cargo ship called "Platypus" along with an Egyptian immigrant, Hossein Ramzy, after seven months of traveling. He worked on the ship as one of the sailors, and befriended Hossein, who decided that he would go to Miami instead of New York. When he got out onto the docks of Brooklyn at night, with many other immigrants meeting relatives there, Niko found Roman there waiting for him. Roman was very excited to see his cousin again, although he was very drunk. Niko found that he did not speak much Serbian after ten years of living in America, and Niko decided to speak English to him. He drove Roman back to his apartment in Brighton Beach, where he found out that it was a very poor apartment, not like the mansion and the luxury cars that he talked about. Niko became pessimistic about his future in America, but Roman told him to go see him at his cab depot, where he could have a job. Niko lived in the poor apartment from then on, and it became his first American residence.

Vladimir Glebov

The next morning, Niko visited the Express Car Service in Brighton Beach, where he met Roman again. He was introduced to Roman's Puerto Rican girlfriend Mallorie Bardas. While at the depot, he saw Vlad Glebov enter the room and start flirting with Mallorie and insulting Roman about not paying his debts. When Vlad left, he told Roman to tell Niko (whom he called a "yokel") to stop staring at him, or else he would cut his head off and post the video on the internet. Niko did not speak in the altercation. Roman told him to drive to a hardware store on Dillon Street, where he would win a poker game and pay off some Albanian Mafia loan sharks to whom he owed money. Niko was shocked to find out that Albanians wanted Roman, and while Roman entered the warehouse to play the game, Niko gave him his cell phone and told him to watch out for a beige Willard and some Albanian thugs. Niko waited in the car, and called Roman, making sure that he was okay. However, soon after, he found out that the loan sharks were coming, so he called Roman, who ran into the car through the alley. He drove back to the depot, losing the loan sharks en route without harming them as his instincts dictated. He found out that Roman lost the money, but he was ready to win the next game. Niko found out that Vlad's bosses, the Russian Mafia, were something that he had to worry about, not the Albanians. However, when he returned to the depot, he found the Albanians threatening Roman and destroying his computer. He broke Dardan Petrela's arm and forced the other Albanian mobsters to leave the depot, although Roman told Niko that the Albanians would want him dead. Roman criticized Niko, but forgave him quickly, and told Roman to pick up Mallorie and her friend at the Brighton Beach subway station. 

Niko drove to the subway station, where he met Mallorie and was introduced to her work friend, Michelle. He drove Michelle and Mallorie back to Michelle's home in Brooklyn Heights, after taking her number at Mallorie's suggestion. However, during the ride Mallorie told him that he should get new clothes, and Roman told him that there was a Russian shop where he could get perfect clothing. He bought jeans, a black Russian winter cap, some glasses, and a tan jacket, and returned home, where he went to sleep.

The next morning, Niko left the apartment and called Michelle, arranging a date for the two of them. Niko decided to take her to a "funfair", which was a closed boardwalk. He took her there and went bowling in a bowling alley there, and after they were done, he took her back to her home, where he said goodbye. However, he was called at the same time by Roman, who was beaten up by Albanian loan sharks and was now in the hospital because of his wounds. He had to pick up Roman, and took him back to the apartment. Roman was mad at him for not defending him, although Niko was just following Roman's advice to go on a date. Niko made up with Roman, and dropped him off at home. Niko apologized to Roman, who forgave him, as he said that he would have probably chosen being with a woman over saving Niko. 

Introduction to Crime[]

Dardan Petrela

Later, Roman called Niko, telling him that the Albanians were beating him up again at the courts under the train overpasses in Ocean Hill. He headed there, where he stopped Dardan and his minions Kalem Vulaj and Bledar Morina from beating on Roman. He beat up Kalem and Bledar, finishing them both by stomping on them. Dardan then tried to flee, so Niko pursued Dardan in a car with Roman in the passenger seat. Niko eventually tracked him down to a warehouse on the waterfront, and entered the top floor, where he fought him. Dardan drew a knife, but Niko punched him and sent him falling backwards, breaking a window and sliding down a canopy into the water, dying from the fall. With the Albanians no more, Niko drove Roman back to the apartment, and later stopped by his cab depot.

Jermaine Andrews

There, he found Vlad, who told Niko to get him a coffee. Niko refused, and Vlad yelled at him. Roman later headed to the depot, and ended the argument. Vlad left, and said that Niko should work for him some time. However, Roman got a caller, and said that Niko should pick him up. He headed to the location, where he picked up Jermaine Andrews from his apartment. He dropped him off on Masterson Street, where he had to pick up some hot parts from his lockup. However, he found out that the NYPD were there to bust him, so Niko was his getaway driver, helping him escape the police. Niko was able to have a nice conversation about his life with Jermaine, and dropped him off at his chop shop, and got $150 for the fare. When he returned to his apartment to sleep, Vlad called him, telling him to get work with him at the Comrades Bar, not far from the apartment. Niko added his contact info to his phone, and headed over to the bar for some work the next morning.

There, he met Vlad, who told him that some old man did not pay him in months. He owned a china shop in Camden Avenue in Queens, and Niko was sent with a baseball bat to get him to pay. When he arrived, he found the old man in his locked shop, and Niko was unable to enter. He picked up a brick in a nearby garbage pile and threw it through the window, forcing the shop owner to give him the money, which he delivered to Vlad. Niko gained $50 for the errand, and later returned to the bar, where Vlad told him to collect money from a Russian man on Masterson Street, Georgi Simonov. Niko was told to beat the man to teach him a lesson, another extortion. When he entered the store, the owner tried to flee through the back entrance and got in his van, so Niko hijacked a car and chased him down. He rammed his van until he stopped, and took Simonov told him that he would get the money to Vlad in time. 

Soon after, Roman called Niko and told him that he should enjoy a show to appreciate America. He entered the Perestroika Club, where he watched the Incredible Kleinman, a magician, perform a levitating trick on his female assistant. After the show ended, he dropped Roman off and went to sleep.

When he woke up at night, he headed over to the Comrades Bar, where he met with Vlad for another job. Vlad told him to take a walk with him, and after getting to Vlad's car (after Vlad pushed multiple people in the process), Vlad told Niko that he had to steal a silver Blista near the EIC train station. Niko boarded the Brighton Beach subway train and took it to the Bedford-Stuyvesant station, where he exited the train and walked down to Astoria, Queens (close to the stop) and entered the car as its owner Jimmy was cleaning it. He escaped without hurting anyone, and he called Vlad to tell him about his progress. Vlad told him to clean the dirty car at a Saratoga Avenue car wash, and then to take it to his lockup on Mohawk Avenue behind Perestroika Bar. Niko gained some money for the job, and returned to the Comrade Bar early in the morning for more work.

Ivan Bytchkov

Niko asked for a glass of water from the bartender Mickey, ande he met with Vlad at the back table. He was told by Vlad that Ivan Bytchkov wanted to rob Roman, and Vlad said that Ivan was going to steal some paperwork from Roman. Niko was told by Vlad that he needed to kill Ivan, because he angered Vlad's boss Mikhail Faustin, and Vlad told him that if he did not kill Ivan, then Faustin would be mad with him. Niko chased Ivan in his car until Ivan began to climb into a Brighton Beach construction site, so Niko pursued him. Ivan jumped off a crane and onto some rooftops, and Niko did so as well, until Ivan slipped and held onto some scaffolding at the top of a building, holding on for dear life. Niko decided to help him up, figuring that if Vlad wanted him dead, then he was not a bad man. Ivan told Niko that Vlad set him up, and thanked Niko, saying that he was a good man. Niko told Ivan to stay out of Brighton Beach, and Ivan told him that he wanted to see the real America, and he would not be seen there again. Niko gained $200, as everyone (even Ivan's mother) believed Ivan to be dead. When Niko called Vlad to tell him that his "boyfriend" Ivan was dead, Vlad responded by saying that he had enough women already and how he liked taken women better, hinting towards his relationship with Roman's girlfriend Mallorie. Niko told Vlad that if he said that to his face, he would beat him.

Little Jacob

While Niko drove back to the cab depot to talk with Roman, Roman called him and told him that he was hanging out with his friend Brucie and hiding from the police after a prank call, and Niko told Roman not to cry wolf, for he might need help one day. Shortly after, Niko arrived at the depot, and Roman told Niko to go to Park Slope to pick up his customer Little Jacob (a Jamaican Hillside Posse leader), after Niko asked Roman if he needed help (to avoid having to talk with Roman about the war).

Benjamin Lord

Niko picked up Little Jacob, who told him that he needed to be taken to an alleyway in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and asked Niko for a favor. He gave Niko a gun and asked if he could keep watch from a vantage point as he spoke with some Hillside Posse rivals of his boss Real Badman. Little Jacob was unsure of what they could do, so he needed Niko to keep watch. Soon, Benjamin Lord, McKnight Saunders, and Mohammed Goodman arrived at the meeting, and when Jacob told them that only one of them was supposed to come, they drew guns and began shooting. Niko killed all three of them on the ground and also killed one on the roof that attempted to shoot at Jacob from high, and when all of the assassins were dead, Niko drove Little Jacob to the Homebrew Cafe in Flatbush, where Jacob told him that he should keep the gun. He gave him $200, and told him that they should do some work together some time. Niko agreed, and Little Jacob entered his cafe, his base of operations.

Niko later picked Michelle up for a date, and while he was doing so, Roman called him, offering to pay him for some cab jobs. Niko was now able to help in the family business, and could have a steady job besides organized crime. He drove Michelle to Perestroika, where the two watched "Dusty Cowpoke", who pretended to be an American cowboy. He did several stunts like rolling and pretending to shoot a revolver, and pretended to lasso animals. Although the people booed Dusty, the great juggler Catch began to juggle bowling pins after the curtains opened again. People clapped for him, and after his show was over, Niko dropped Michelle off at her home. She was disappointed that some of the people in the building looked like crooks, and she guessed that some were Russian mobsters. Niko pretended not to know what she was talking about, and dropped her off. Despite her being creeped out by the show and the people that watched it, her opinion on Niko increased. 

Niko called Roman for a job, and picked a person up from Flatbush, driving them to Meadow Hills. The old man gave him $23 for the job, and Roman thanked him, and told him that he should call him if he wanted more work. He did, and he was to drop a person off in Bronx Industrial from South Bronx for a new fare. The man gave him $22 after he was dropped off at a Burger King, and Niko called for another job. Roman told Niko that he had to pick them up from Northern Gardens and take them to Meadow Hills Station. Niko dropped the man off, and got $44. Niko told Roman that he wanted another fare, so he had to take somebody from Corona in Queens to Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn. He got $15 for driving the man to the hospital, and soon after, Little Jacob called him, telling him that he should come to Dillon Street to give him some help. Niko accepted, saying that he needed to branch out. Niko decided to go to his apartment to rest for the night, and before he went to sleep, he got a call from Roman, who happily told him that he would let him ride in his driver Mohammed's cab to anywhere he wanted in the city. 

Glebov is executed

The next morning, he drove to the cab depot. While walking, he met a random man, who made fun of his accent and his Eastern European origin. The man gave him $100 to insult him about being rich, before walking away after the brief interaction. When he headed to the depot, he saw Roman feeling sad, and Niko asked him what was wrong. He found out from Roman that Vlad was messing around with his girlfriend Mallorie, and Niko told Roman that he had suspicions. Roman was mad at Niko for not telling him, and Niko decided to take care of Vlad to stop Roman from calling him disloyal and insulting him. Niko decided to leave and get to Vlad, and Roman told him not to do anything stupid, and decided to come with Niko. Niko entered the Comrades Bar as Roman waited in the car, and Niko told Vlad to stay away from Mallorie. Vlad sent two of his men to deal with Niko, but Niko shot the two of them and chased Vlad, who fled out of the bar in his car. Niko cornered him in a Red Hook pier, where he executed him by shooting him in the forehead with his pistol. Roman was horrified at what Niko did, and said that his powerful friends would kill Niko and Roman. Roman and Niko pulled his body into the West River, and Niko finally told Roman about the reason that he came to America: he wanted revenge against the one man who betrayed the squad. Roman and Niko both parted ways, and Niko pulled Vlad into the river after Roman ran away after hearing sirens.

Working for the Russian Mafia[]

Later, Roman called Niko, telling him that he was on Tulsa Street behind Perestroika, and asked for Niko to come quickly, while whispering. Niko hurried over and found Roman in a dumpster, and Roman told Niko that he saw some Russian mobsters coming. Roman criticized Niko for killing Vlad after Niko said that he was being paranoid, with Roman saying that Faustin was insane and would kill Niko. Niko convinced Roman to exit the dumpster, but a man armed with an AK-47 knocked Niko out and forced Roman out of the dumpster. 

Mikhail Faustin

Dimitri Rascalov

When the two woke up, they were in the basement of Faustin's house. Dimitri Rascalov, Faustin's second-in-command, and their kidnapper Andrei Sazhin, were interrogating them. Andrei interrogated the two men, but Faustin headed downstairs and shot Andrei after he was looking at him like he was garbage, mad that Faustin was criticizing him for beating up Roman. Faustin told Niko that he owed him, and he had Niko steal a truck of televisions. Roman was untied, and when he screamed, Faustin shot him, and had Rascalov stitch him up to keep him quiet. Rascalov untied Niko, and Niko set out to steal the truck of televisions for Faustin and Rascalov.

Niko stole a cop car from an NYPD officer after shooting the officer, and hid from the police. He then pulled over two vans, the second of which was a black van. The driver warned Niko that it was protected by Kenny Petrovic, and that he was making a mistake. Niko killed the driver and guard with a shotgun and took it to the lockup in Long Island City before going home in a taxi to his apartment and resting from all of his jobs.

Niko later stopped at Little Jacob's after Roman called him to tell him that he was on painkillers and was okay. Little Jacob and Niko went for a drive, and Little Jacob told Niko that he had a deal on Saratoga Avenue in Hollis. Niko parked behind the house to make sure that they did not run away, and he killed them after they tried to flee. Niko then drove Jacob, who had the drugs, to a town house in Meadows Park. Jacob told Niko to take cover next to the door, and they killed three gunmen in the house, the ones who arranged the setup meeting. Niko then returned home to get some more sleep, with $200 more in his pocket. 

The next morning, Niko exited his apartment and went to get some work from Faustin. He arrived at Faustin's home, where he was greeted by Dimitri Rascalov. He saw Faustin doing cocaine, and Rascalov convinced Faustin to stop drinking and snorting. Faustin sent Rascalov and Niko to go to a sex shop in Brighton Beach, where they would extort money from Czech-American porn director Joseph Kaplan, after yelling at Rascalov for saying that his drugs clouded his judgment. When they entered the building, Rascalov pushed the guard out of the war and saw Kaplan, his friend Brett, and another man watching some movies. Niko shot Brett in the leg and forced Joseph to pay up to Faustin, solving the problem. Rascalov then took Niko to a gun store in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where he let him buy a weapon on Mr. Faustin's account. Niko bought a Micro-Uzi and 700 rounds, leaving him with only $68. When he dropped Dimitri off, he was given $400 for the job. He then drove to the Perestroika club, where he was promised another job.

Lenny Petrovic dead

He met with Dimitri at the entrance, and he saw many people thanking Dimitri for favors and introducing their gilfriends to him as he walked to Faustin. Dimitri told Faustin that a rat told the police about the pot that they stole, and Mikhail was quick to blame Lenny Petrovic, a man who bought some coke from Faustin. Dimitri defended him, saying that he was his cousin's boyfriend, but Faustin told Niko that he had to kill him. Faustin told Niko to prove his loyalty by killing the man, and Niko set out to go to Guantanamo Avenue in the Bronx to kill Lenny Petrovic. He entered the platform and found Lenny standing near him, and he confronted him. Lenny tried to flee down the staircase to the street, but Niko gunned him down with his submachine gun. When he called Rascalov, Dimitri warned him that he was the son of Petrovic crime family Don Kenny Petrovic, a powerful man. Dimitri told Niko that he would talk to his friends and find out a solution, and hung up.

While driving back, he received two messages. Little Jacob wanted to introduce him to Real Badman, his boss and the leader of the Hillside Posse. Roman wanted to introduce him to his friend Brucie Kibbutz, who was in need of help. Niko decided to go to Little Jacob, because he was closer. When he entered the apartment, he was knocked to the floor and threatened with a box cutter by Real Badman, but Little Jacob told Real Badman that he was friend. Real Badman told Niko that he had to stop a man from selling weed where he was not supposed to sell weed, and he was on Alpha Street in South Bronx.

Niko followed the weed dealer as he was making a deal with a customer, and tried not to spook him. He followed him to his destination, and killed him and his two suppliers in an apartment several stories up into a building. With $400 more, Bellic was able to head to Faustin for more work. While driving, Jacob told him that Badman had some package drops that he wanted Niko to deliver, if he wanted some extra work.

Michaels dead

Niko entered the Faustin residence, where he heard Mikhail arguing with his wife Ilyena. He found out that his daughter was dating a biker of The Lost MC named Jason Michaels, who wanted to take advantage of her and use her for her beauty (although she was raised well, she was "turning into a whore"). Faustin told him to go to Coney Island, where his daughter was meeting Michaels, and he told him to kill the biker. When he arrived, he found Jason saying that he would use her for herself. Jason told Niko that he was in America and not Russia, and told him that he would get the other bikers to kill him. Niko chased him on a bike, but was too late to stop him from meeting up with a few other bikers. At Meadows Park, in a small area of grass and trees, the bikers dismounted and shot at Niko. Niko killed all of them, and finished off Jason, whom he had managed to wound a few times with some Micro-Uzi shots while chasing him. He called Faustin, who gave him money and his thanks.

Niko later took a cab to meet Little Jacob for a hangout, and the two went to The Triangle Club strip club. As they left, a guard punched Niko and knocked him out, and he was sent to the hospital. He was later sent to the hospital after being shot by police. When he recovered, he took a cab to Roman, and he was introduced to Roman's friend Brucie. Roman told Niko to go online, a world of opportunities. He headed to an internet cafe and activated his account by typing this message to Eyefind. Afterwards, he headed to Faustin's house for a new job.

He was greeted by Ilyena Faustin, and she invited him in to wait for Mikhail to return home. He spoke with her kindly, and she discussed her strained relationship with Mikhail. Soon, Mikhail and Dimitri returned home, and Mikhail told Niko that he wanted him to drive a truck to a garage in Hunts Point, where a debtor to Mikhail ran a front. Niko entered the truck and drove it, and he found out from Dimitri that it was rigged to explode. He parked it in the garage and fled, and it exploded, destroying the Petrovic family garage and killing four people. Niko escaped, and heard a news report that said that the bombing was a possible terrorist attack. He also heard that The Lost MC and the Angels of Death biker gangs were fighting a war that claimed many victims through the crack cocaine trade that they ran. While he was riding in a taxi to the apartment, he was called by Roman, who told him that Brucie would give him work at his auto shop. Dimitri also told him to meet him at Coney Island Boardwalk, where he would discuss something serious with him. Niko went to his apartment and slept, and the next day, he went on a date with Michelle. He took her to the 69th Street Diner, a place that she said reminded her of where she grew up. While riding a cab back to Michelle's apartment, she asked him about what he did in Europe (after he told her that he had no work in America yet), and he told her that it ruined him. When they got back to her apartment, Niko tried his luck and they had sex for the first time. She told him that after that day, he was welcome to come into her house any time. 

Lyle Rivas dead

Niko then drove down to Red Hook, where he met with Brucie. Brucie talked with Niko and Brucie was glad to hear that Roman told Niko to help Brucie out. Brucie told Niko that he needed to whack some people who were in hiding, and he was told that he needed to steal a police car and get on its computer. Niko was able to do so, and tracked down Lyle Rivas to Brooklyn Heights. Rivas fled from his apartment when Niko arrived, and Niko pursued him in a car chase. He shot his car until it caught fire near the JFK International Airport, and when Rivas bailed out, Bellic exited his car and holed him with bullets.

Faustin falls to his death

Bellic then took a cab to meet with Dimitri at Coney Island for the urgent meeting. He sat down on a bench next to Dimitri, who told him that he needed to kill Faustin so that Niko would be spared, in addition to himself. Otherwise, the Petrovics would kill the both of them. He was told that Faustin was headed for the Perestroika club, so Niko drove there to confront him. Niko took a cab to the club, and he entered it, confronting Mr. Faustin. Niko collected some body armor that Rascalov left before entering the club, where he met Faustin and his two guards. Faustin correctly predicted that Niko and Rascalov were going to kill him, and Faustin told Niko that Dimitri would betray Niko one day, blinded by American greed. Bellic killed the guards and cornered Faustin on the roof. In an execution, Niko shot Faustin in the left leg and then the chest, and he fell from the roof to his death.

Search for Revenge[]

Afterwards, he called Dimitri to see if he had talked with Petrovic yet. Dimitri told him to meet with him at a warehouse on Mohanet Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn to receive his payment, and Niko agreed. Shortly after, Little Jacob told Niko that he had to watch his back, as the Russians were "vexed" with Niko (as Little Jacob put it). Little Jacob told Niko to meet him in Red Hook, and the two headed to the warehouse to oversee Niko's payment for the hit. Niko told Little Jacob to wait outside as he entered the warehouse, meeting with Dimitri. Rascalov asked him if he was Niko Bellic, who smuggled people into Italy. Niko was confused, and Rascalov brought out Ray Bulgarin, who confronted him about the money that owed him. A man tried to slit Niko's throat, but Niko kicked him, and Little Jacob came in to help Niko. The two gunned down the Rascalov and Bulgarin Russian mobsters, although Rascalov and Bulgarin escaped the scene. Little Jacob and Niko escaped from the NYPD as well, and Niko dropped Little Jacob off at the Homebrew Cafe. Niko now had to face Rascalov and Bulgarin, two former employers that betrayed him. 

When he called Roman to inform him of the situation, he found him hiding near the EIC subway station. He found Roman in the trunk of a car, where he hid. Roman told Niko to take him back to the apartment, but they found that the apartment and the cab depot were both on fire. Roman wailed and wept, saying that his life was ruined, and he had nothing now. His business, home, and engagement ring for Mallorie were all burnt down. However, Roman and Niko were able to go to Mallorie's cousin's house in The Bronx, which she let them live in. Niko found out from Mallorie that she knew some people around the area, who Niko could contact for some work. She told Niko to meet her at the community center later to make connections. Niko went to sleep for the first time in his new home.

The Bronx[]

When he woke up, he headed over to the community center, where he met Mallorie. She introduced him to Manny Escuela, who was filming an episode of his show in which he was dancing with other people. When he dragged Niko onto the camera, Niko broke the camera after cameraman Jay Hamilton refused to turn it off. Despite this, he was still hired by Escuela, who told him that he needed to "break some omelettes to make some eggs" and clean up the streets with him. They drove to the place of the drug dealer, and they followed the dealer's car to the other dealers on Grand Concourse. Manny offered Niko a spinoff of his show called Niko Bellic: Justice Warrior, but Niko flatly refused, saying that he never wanted to be an idiot on TV, and that he only cared about money. Eventually, they stopped at the dealer's place in South Bronx, where Escuela left Niko as he drove away to get Jay. Niko entered the warehouse by breaking a window, and he gunned down all of the drug dealers inside the warehouse. As he left, he saw Manny being filmed by Hamilton, who said that Manny was the one who took care of the drug dealers instead of the NYPD. After Niko left the scene, he gunned down Spanish Lords gangster Damian Orellana and escaped the NYPD, and he arrived at the community center to meet with Manny again. He saw Manny meeting with the police officer Francis McReary on his show, and after McReary left, he had Jay turn off the camera. Manny told Niko that he needed him to get rid of a bunch of people near South Bohan on Windmill Street, and he entered a stolen police car and drove to the area. He killed three gang members and then killed several that tried to flee in a car from the place, completing his job. Shortly after, Mallorie called him, telling him that she wanted to introduce him to Elizabeta Torres, another friend of hers that was a major person in The Bronx. Niko was tired of working with Manny, so he decided to go to get some work from her.

Before Niko walked into the center, Rascalov called Niko, and told him that Bulgarin and him were disappointed that he was not among the bodies in the warehouse. Rascalov told him that he betrayed him because he robbed Bulgarin, killed Mikhail, and because Rascalov could not align with "bottom-feeders" like him if he was to survive in the city. He told him that he would see him soon, burning him out of any other hiding place that he had. Niko ignored this, and went to meet Elizabeta. 

Elizabeta Torres

He saw Elizabeta speaking with Patrick "Packie" McReary on a couch, and Mallorie introduced him to Elizabeta. Elizabeta told him to oversee a deal that she was not sure about, telling him to make sure that Packie survived a deal with some Spanish Lords men on Joliet Street. There was a rifle on the roof of the place next door, and Niko was to use the rifle to protect Packie from the Spanish Lords. The deal did go wrong, as expected, and Niko picked off the Spanish Lords members. He got $1,500 for the job, and decided to return to Elizabeta for some more work and money.

Niko found Elizabeta engaged in a dance party there, and Elizabeta greeted him at the party. She introduced biker Johnny Klebitz to Niko, who was sitting on a big pile of heroin. Niko was sent to oversee the deal and make sure that everything was good. When Johnny left to get the stuff, he met with Playboy X at the apartment, and the two befriended each other while driving to oversee the deal. They drove to Cassidy Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and while they drove, Playboy X took his number, because he needed his work soon.

Playboy X

When they got into the apartment, they were greeted by the buyer, an Asian man named Charlie. Charlie questioned them if they wanted their heroin, and he then pulled out a gun and showed that he was an undercover cop. The SWAT arrived, forcing Niko and Playboy to escape on the roofs as Johnny left through the front exit. Johnny and Playboy got rid of the police on each floor before going on the roofs, killing Charlie and his men. The two managed to escape the police, and Playboy told him that if you were busted in the heroin trade, you would not see light for a long time. Niko asked if he had any people in prison, and he told him that his boss Dwayne Forge was serving prison time because of the crack trade. Playboy also told him that if Dwayne ever did come out of prison, the world would never be the same because there were more trades in 2008 than there were when Dwayne was imprisoned. He went on to discuss how he wanted to go legitimate, building skyscrapers and seeing his name in bold letters, and that drugs were just an arm of his business that he traded like commodities on the stock market. Niko dropped Playboy X back at his penthouse, and Playboy told him that he would call him when he needed him. Elizabeta gave him $2,000 for his role in the deal, and when he called Elizabeta, she told him that the feds were everywhere, and that she would find more deals for him. Roman also called him, telling him that he bought a new cab depot with insurance money.

Niko then proceeded to take a cab to go to Brucie for a new job, and he found him doing exercises, saying that he was taking bullshark testosterone from Chile. Brucie told Niko that he needed help in stealing Lyle's car in Yorktown Avenue in Astoria, so Niko set out to grab the car for him. When he got into it, he found himself chased by two Spanish Lords cars who did not want Lyle's car to be stolen. He escaped them without hurting them, and he parked it in Brucie's garage. He called Brucie, who thanked him for the job, and Niko headed over to his auto shop for more work. When he met Brucie, he saw Roman going on a laptop and saw Brucie doing push-ups. Roman asked Niko if he wanted to go on a date, and Brucie told Niko that Lyle Rivas' cousin Tom Rivas did not pay him and wanted to kill Brucie. Niko was told to go online and make a profile that said that he was "vulnerable who wanted to be held by strong arms", so that he could attract Tom to go on a date with him, where he would kill him. He went to a cafe in Queens, where he accessed and asked "French Tom" out on a date. 

Tom Rivas

After he did, he left the cafe and stole an armored car and blew it up at an Astoria dock by shooting at its grille many times with a shotgun, stealing all of the cash inside of it. He then escaped the police and took a cab to Playboy X's penthouse in Inwood, where he sought his first job for him. Playboy greeted him and took him to the balcony, where he told him that New York was his town, with all the people below looking like ants. Playboy asked him what motivated him, and he told him that it was money and looking for someone. Playboy then was about to tell Niko about his first job, but Dwayne Forge arrived, having got out of jail. Dwayne met with Niko, and Playboy and Dwayne got into a bit of a dispute over Dwayne saying that they would pick up where they left off. Niko spoke briefly with Dwayne before joining Playboy, and Dwayne considered hiring Niko for some jobs in the future.

Playboy told Niko to drive him to Battery Park, and he met a real estate mogul named Yusuf Amir, who was planning to construct a building there. However, the Messina crime family got some unions to shut down the site and squeeze him for money because he was from the United Arab Emirates and not America, and because Playboy wanted to get Yusuf to be friends with him and get connections, he needed to impress him. Niko was therefore supposed to kill all of the union men (Mafia enforcers) and leave the site for Yusuf to continue building on. He got guns and sticky bombs from a black SUV in an alley, and he was told that he had to take out the main guards so that Playboy could assist him in killing the rest. Niko went right in with his weapons rather than go stealthy, and he utilized a grenade to wipe out three men for the first time. He also picked up an AK-47, and was able to gun down many of the Mafia men. He was given $6,500 for the job, his first great paycheck.

Niko then returned to Playboy to get some more well-paying jobs, and he was told by Playboy that Dwayne was getting on his nerves. However, he said that Dwayne was not the only thing on his mind - a man was calling him a snitch, but that man was the real snitch. Niko was sent by Playboy to kill the man between X and W on Exeter, and when Playboy failed to convincingly explain what he looked like, he told Niko to take a picture of the man, send it to him so that he could identify him, and kill him. The man, Marlon Bridges, was identified as the man in the black jacket, and Niko killed him and his friends with an SMG, although Niko was wasted before he could kill the last one. Nevertheless, he had killed Marlon, and when he came back from the hospital, he was wired the money. Shortly after, Brucie texted Niko, telling him to check his account to see if Tom responded. He was also called by Playboy, who told him to head over to the Governor Greg Johnson Housing Projects to see if Dwayne needed some help, because he could pay Niko.

Niko headed to a cafe in Harlem, where he checked his mail. He found an e-mail from his mother Milica, who said that she missed him, and wondered if he would come back to her. She told him that life in Serbia was the same as it always was: people argued, the farms suffered, they paid taxes for new parliament buildings and government reports, and lived in poverty. Milica told Niko to please write her back, and Niko thanked her for writing, and said that he was sorry that he was not much of a good son to her and was not there to take care of her. He then got a text from Hossan Ramzy, who told him that the captain died, drunk in the river. He also said that everyone else jumped ship, and wondered what happened to the Chinese men who smuggled heroin on the ship (the heroin actually went to the Chinese Ming Triad in Chinatown and later fell into the hands of the Angels of Death biker gang, but was stolen by The Lost MC after they blew up the AOD clubhouse - the Chinese attempted to take it back by ambushing The Lost at a meeting, leaving their president Billy Grey in police custody). Hossan told Niko that he might come to New York to sell fake handbags in SoHo, and Niko told him that he was happy to hear from him and wanted to know when he would be back in town. He deleted a spam message from his "high school sweetheart" Teresa Thomas, which was filled with random slang words, linking to French Tom told Niko that he wanted to meet him at the 69th Street Diner in Brighton, saying that he should bring his wallet because he was going to pay the check, and he said that he was usually at the diner around 12:00.

He also called Michelle for a date, and he took her to an Irish bar in Queens. She did not get drunk, while Niko did. He then dropped her off back home, and she told him to call her soon. After leaving her, he called Little Jacob and decided to get a bite to eat with him. They talked about Roman's gambling problems before going to a Cluckin' Bell in Corona, a place that Jacob loved. After they left and entered Niko's car, Niko heard a FOX News report on two men throwing Molotov Cocktails at a cab depot and an apartment (Roman's depot and safehouse) and also heard that the war between the Angels of Death and The Lost MC claimed a new victim, Jason Michaels, whose body was found by the NYPD only recently. Niko dropped Little Jacob off at his home, and he decided to go and do a job for Manny to get over with his jobs.

Manny told him that some punks were making fun of him, and he sent Niko to go bust the man. Manny told Niko to follow their El Train from Manhattan to Queens and kill them when they got off the train. When he arrived in DUMBO to look at the bridge, he saw the train stop, so he followed the train as it moved. He drove underneath the overpass and followed it to its stop, and while driving, he heard on FOX News that Yusuf Amir temporarily suspended construction of his building to respect the deaths of striking union officials that were "allegedly" blackmailing him. When the people got off the train, he killed all three of them with an AK-47 as they entered their car, and drove away, gaining $1,500. 

He got a text from an unknown contact to meet him at the Battery Park pier in Manhattan, and he was introduved to him at the end of the pier. He found out that the man was Officer McReary, who said that he knew that he killed Mikhail Faustin and was wanted dead by the Russian Mafia. McReary told him that if he looked out for him, he would't look out for him. Near Silicon Street, a man trying to blackmail McReary was going to the Hudson River to wait for McReary to arrive to pay him off (he would take a picture of the deal to blackmail him again), so Niko was sent to kill the man. He called a cab driver to drive him to Yorkville, and headed to a vantage point there. He called the blackmailer and spotted out where the man with the phone was, and walked to the shore, where he heard him talking into his phone in person. When the man noticed Niko, he noticed that it was not right and tried to flee. Niko shot him dead after nine pistol bullets and fled the police, taking the storage device to McReary. He also had valuable information: he heard the blackmailer say that lawyer Tom Goldberg was interested in the data and wanted McReary's blood. He met Francis and gave him the info, and Niko said that he was absolved. He got $1,000 for the job, and went back to his safehouse so that he could sleep. 

Tom Rivas dead

The next morning, his phone reminded him that he had to meet with French Tom. He sat with French Tom at the diner, and Tom asked Niko what his job was. Niko found out that Rivas was stupid, thinking that when Niko asked if he had a job, he was talking about a man named Job. Tom told Niko that he liked rich men, and he told him that the nightclub owner Gay Tony claimed to be rich, but was really broke. Niko then asked him about him owing money to people, and Tom became suspicious, and insulted Niko. Niko stood up, making Tom think that he had a bad knee, and Niko drew a shotgun and killed him with a blast of buckshot.

Niko then hurried to meet Elizabeta, who called him yelling, saying that Little Jacob had introduced her to people that ripped her off. Niko decided to make things right for Little Jacob, heading to the old hospital on Roosevelt Island to collect Elizabeta's coke for her. He parked in the lot and headed into the hospital to take the coke, which was held by Bolivian gangsters and a biker. He stole back the coke from the gangsters and called Little Jacob, but the NYPD arrived, so he had to escape them before talking with Jacob and Elizabeta. He met Jacob in Hunts Point, where he saw Michelle there. She told Niko that she was working with the government, and she told Niko to just hand over the coke, as Elizabeta was about to be taken down. Niko grew angry at her for her betrayal, and Michelle was visibly hurt at his insults and was sad that she had to stop being with Niko. Michelle told Niko that her employers needed his help, and the office was in Manhattan. Niko had to hand over the coke, and he left the alleyway as it rained heavily.

Niko took a cab to meet up with Brucie, who had more work for him. Brucie told Niko about an illegal street race, and he went with Brucie to Freetown Avenue in Hollis, Queens in a cab. There, they collected a racecar and drove to the race start. They won the race easily, and Niko gained the racecar from Brucie. While driving away from Red Hook, Niko was called by Mallorie, who apologized for Michelle betraying him, saying that there was always something funky about her. 

Niko then drove over to Elizabeta's house, where she told him that the police were getting all over her, and she would be in prison for a long time. Manny knocked at the door soon after, and Manny yelled at Elizabeta about her selling drugs on the streets, and Jay filmed Manny yelling at her. Elizabeta pulled out a gun and shot the two of them, and Niko helped her clean the mess up. The bodies were taken to a doctor in Brooklyn that harvested their organs, and the doctor was able to pay Niko $3,000 for it. Niko lamented that Manny had been trying to help the streets his whole life, and maybe he would be actually helping them now with his organ transplants. He called Elizabeta, but she said that her party was ending and the heat was closing in.

Jayvon Simson's fate

Niko took a cab to Dwayne, and on the way, Brucie called him and told him that if he ever wanted a race, he should just call him. Niko spoke with Dwayne in his apartment, and found out that Dwayne's girlfriend Cherise Glover was dating a North Harlem Hustlers gangster named Jayvon Simson, who was responsible for ratting Dwayne out and sending him to prison. Dwayne told Niko that they hung out at an arcade in Chinatown, and Niko set out to make the two people give Dwayne his money back. Niko was friendly to Dwayne, saying that he reminded him of himself before leaving. Niko took a cab to the Chinatown arcade in Manhattan, where he saw Cherise and Jayvon hanging out outside. Jayvon tried to shoot Niko before riding away on a motorbike, and Niko drove in a taxi van. He eventually shot him in the back near the Yorkville NYPD station, and hit him with his car after he fell off. Niko stole his Micro-Uzi and Dwayne's money, and met up with Dwayne at the Cluckin' Bell. Dwayne was happy that Cherise was not killed, and thanked Niko for his help.

While Niko rode a cab to meet up with Dwayne, and he received two phone calls. Mallorie called him and informed him that Roman did not come back the night before, and she was worried about him. Packie also called him, telling him that he was in need of a good man, and he told Niko to meet him at his mother's house in Gramercy Park. He instead decided to change the course to his safehouse, where he got some sleep.

When he woke up, he decided to go to Queens. While driving there, Brucie asked him to take him from Flatbush to Astoria, and Niko agreed to give him a lift in their first friendship activity. Niko did so, and Brucie thanked him. Niko then headed to Packie McReary for his first job. He entered the house and met Packie, who was talking with his mother and sister Katie. Packie introduced Kate to Niko, and Niko met Packie's daughter Maureen. Packie told Niko that they had some business to take care of, out at the docks in Manhattan. During the drive, Packie informed Niko that an Italian mobster named Ray Boccino gave word to the McReary crime family Don Gerald McReary that a Russian shipment was coming in at the border of the Fulton Market and South Street Seaport. Boccino asked for a cut of the haul in return, so the Irish Mob and Italian Mafia had a solid deal.

Niko drove Packie to the South Street Seaport dock where the shipment came in, and they climbed to the top of the warehouse for a good view of the shipment. The boxes on the back of a small boat were identified as cloned medications, and Niko and Packie planned to steal the delivery truck when it was loaded with the pills. The two of them found the Triads awaiting the shipment from the Russian Mafia, so Niko and Packie ambushed the deal and killed Triads Cheng Huan, Chu Zhang, and Han Xuong. They then drove the truck to Ray's lockup in Greenwich Village, with Packie giving Niko some grenades to kill Chinese pursuers with. When Niko delivered the truck, he was introduced to Ray by Packie, and Ray said that he would give him a call some time.

While riding in a cab, Niko was called by Mallorie, who told him that she found out that Roman was being held hostage in a warehouse in Lompoc Avenue, Bronx Industrial. Niko received a text message from Dimitri Rascalov that showed Roman in a chair with a shotgun next to his head, and Niko called Dimitri, saying that he would kill him and cut his face off so that he could hang it up in his room to remind him what treacherous people looked like. Before Dimitri could say anything, Niko hung up, and changed his cab's course to The Bronx.

Katayev Yegorovich dead

Niko entered through the back of the warehouse, and armed with a large array of weapons, gunned down the several Russian gangbangers in the warehouse. Niko kept on yelling that nobody messed with his family, and Roman encouraged him to make the hostage-takers suffer. Niko gunned down mobster after mobster without caring about how many times he was hit, and he massacred all of those who stood in his way. He was able to shoot kidnapper Katayev Yegorovich in the head with a Micro-Uzi when he held Roman as a human shield, and he drove Roman back to the South Bronx safehouse. During the drive, Roman told Niko that he was kidnapped because he fell into debt with the loan shark Yegorovich, who was a friend of Rascalov. Rascalov had men take him to the warehouse and try to get him to reveal Niko's location in return for his freedom, but Roman refused. Niko was mad that Roman fell into debt and borrowed from Rascalov's men, but he felt bad for the treatment that Roman had taken for not revealing his location. Roman told Niko that he would buy a new home in Manhattan, as it was not safe for the Cousins Bellic to remain in The Bronx. 

Work in Manhattan[]

Gerald McReary, the boss of the Irish Mob in New York City

Derrick McReary

Niko then set out to do another job, working for Packie. En route, Francis McReary called him, asking if he was working with Packie. Niko confirmed this, and Francis revealed that he was his brother. He also said to be careful what he wished for when Niko said that he wanted to meet the other McRearys, his brothers Gerald and Derrick (the latter of whom had yet to return from Ireland after fighting for the IRA). Bellic arrived at Packie's house, where he saw him talking with his friends Gordon Sargent and Michael Keane. Niko found out that the Irish Mob had an opportunity, which was robbing the Mafia. Niko found a four-door car and drove the three Irish mobsters to the waste management plant on Roosevelt Island, where they were to steal a large cash bundle from the Ancelotti crime family. The Irish mobsters stormed the warehouse, killing the construction-worker disguised thugs and stealing the shoulderbag full of money. They were able to make off in a boat and escape with the bundle of cash, and Niko gained a decent cut of the cash.

Niko then headed to Manhattan to visit Francis in the police station in Greenwich Village, and before he entered it, Packie called him and told him to give Kate a call, as she liked Niko as a friend and did not get out much. Niko entered the station and spoke with Francis, who pretended that his name was "Jimmy" and said that he was undercover. Francis told Niko that lawyer Tom Golberg claimed that he had information for the District Attorney on McReary, and Francis told Niko that he had to get a suit and do a job interview, so Niko headed to an internet cafe in North Harlem and made up a fake resume. He pretended to graduate from New York University School of Law and from Oxford University, had experience with law firm Bellic & Bellic, the Mediterranean Shipping Enterprise, and the Balkan Peace Force, interested in world affairs and import and export goods. He submitted his resume, and then logged off.

Jose Trunchez

Niko then headed over to Dwayne, who told him that he was not feeling good. He told him that he used to run The Bronx, but he lost the energy to take over the place. Dwayne told him that he used to own a gentleman's club on Brill Street called "The Triangle Club", and Niko offered to take care of the people who took it over for Dwayne. He shot Jose Trunchez four times in the back as he sat on a computer counting up his money, and killed Javier Trunchez and Jesus Trunchez as they fled in a car, and Niko was paid by Dwayne for the job. Dwayne told Niko that Playboy X was not going to be happy, as he had made a deal with the Spanish Lords, but Dwayne was glad to have the club back.

Shortly after, Roman called Niko to tell him that he bought an apartment in Central Park East in Manhattan, where Niko slept for the first time. He was called by Goldberg, Ligner, & Shyster and was told that a meeting would take place at noon on Wednesday, the next day. He was also called by Rascalov, who taunted him about torturing Roman, and Niko told Rascalov that he wished that he was in the warehouse so that they could have had some fun, before they hung up. Niko then dropped by the McReary house, where he met Derrick and Gerald, Packie's brothers. Packie, Derrick, Michael Keane, and Niko planned to rob a bank in Chinatown, Manhattan, to get a huge amount of money. Derrick and Niko were to handle the employees of the bank while Packie and Michael handled the civilians, and Derrick would blow open the vault inside and steal the money. When they arrived, the Irish mobsters (wearing balaclava masks) almst succeeded in robbing the bank without problem, but Derrick and Patrick argued when they accidentally gave up that they were Irish and brothers. While they argued, gun club member Eugene Reaper shot Michael and killed him, so Packie and Derrick shot Reaper dead. Niko hurried and got the money, and the Irishmen escaped through the subway, killing all of the cops and SWAT in the way. Niko, Packie, and Derrick returned home, and Niko got $250,000 for the job. Michael's cut went to his family, and Packie broke the bad news to them. Niko returned to his Manhattan apartment, where he went to sleep for the night, needing lots of rest for the interview the next day. 

The next day, he was called by Gerald McReary, who told him that if he waned a job with him, he should go to his mother's place through the back door. Packie also called him, telling him to check up on his brother Derrick, who was in a park in Kearny, New Jersey, and told him that he would accomodate all of his costs. Finally, Playboy called him to confront him about The Triangle Club shootout, and told him that he was sad about the loss of his business. Niko hung out with Little Jacob and took him to a Cluckin' Bell in Chinatown before dropping him off at his place. He then played darts with Packie after picking him up from Tribeca, and took him to The Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria, a place owned by Derrick that was frequented by the Irish Mob. After losing 11 to 36, he dropped Packie off, having shown him a good time. 

Teddy Benavidez

Niko then set out for Little Italy in a cab, where he would meet Ray Boccino. He was called by Little Jacob, who told him that he would sell guns to him because they were friends for a long time. Niko thanked him, and met Ray in Drusilla's restaurant in Little Italy. Ray was happy to meet with him, and told him to take car of Teddy Benavidez, who did not respect the waste management business and who did not pay back his debts to Niko. Niko drove over to the projects on Galveston Avenue in Harlem, and Ray told him to look out for Teddy's goon Alonzo so that he could find out where Teddy was. He found out that Teddy was in 151 K after intimidating and killing Alonzo, and he fought his way through the Inwood Gang gangsters before entering Teddy's apartment. He found him in a room blaring with rap music, and he tried to flee after hitting Niko with the door. Niko cornered him on the roof and found out that he did not pay the Mafia because he believed that they were nothing now, and he shot him in the head with a pistol. Teddy fell from the roof to his death, and Niko gained $8,500 from Ray.

Niko left the apartment in an FBI Buffalo, and decided to do some vigilante work. He headed to Exeter Avenue in Washington Heights to end some gang activity there, killing a group of unaligned criminals in a parking lot that night. He then headed to Topaz Street in Morningside Heights to get rid of another gang there, and he succeeded. 

Dwayne Forge

Soon after, Playboy X called him and told him to meet him at his crib, where he needed his help. Playboy told him that Dwayne still believed that it was 1992 and all that mattered was a gold chain and money. Playboy told Niko that Dwayne looked at him like he wanted him dead, and that Dwayne refused to accept Playboy's offer to give half of the business to him. When Niko joked about killing him, Playboy told him that there was nothing left to do. Niko told Playboy that he couldn't kill him, but Playboy told him that Niko could. Playboy told Niko that if Dwayne went insane, Playboy and Niko were both dead, and Playboy promised him $25,000 for the hit. Niko told Playboy that he would think about killing Dwayne, and he left the apartment. While traveling to Ray Boccino in a cab, he heard that Platypus member Dave Bosoy was found dead in the harbor of New York City from sadomasochism, and heard that the rest of the Chinese, Egyptian, and European crew was missing. He also heard that a mid-30s white man was wanted for a shooting in The Triangle Club. 

Luca Silvestri

Niko met Ray back at Drusilla's, where Ray told him that he appreciated his service in the last job, and he told him that his friend Jimmy Pegorino was a personal friend. Interrupting the conversation, a biker girl named Ashley Butler entered the restaurant and spoke with Ray, and after she argued with Ray because she was coming down with "ice", Ray asked her about the other "ice" (diamonds). She told him that they were hidden in trash bags in northern Manhattan, so Ray sent Niko to help his associates Johnny Barbosa, Joseph DiLeo, and Luca Silvestri in collecting them. They dressed up as garbagemen and drove a garbage truck around northern Manhattan, collecting four garbage bags. They escaped to the South Street Seaport, gunning down a car of Tony Prince associates that were sent to reclaim the diamonds, and Niko left the diamonds in Luca and Joe's hands. Ray called Niko afterwards, asking him if the diamonds were safe, and Niko told him that Luca had them. 

Soon after, Niko headed back down to Little Italy to meet with Ray for some more work, as this meant that Ray could help him with money and with his search for Florian Cravic. While he was headed there, he was called by Dwayne Forge, who told him that he believed that Playboy X was going to order his death. Dwayne asked Niko to stick up for him and kill Playboy, as the two were friends. Niko responded, as he had with Playboy, by saying that he would think about it, and he hung up. Niko had to consider the two choices, both of which were heavy.

Johnny Barbosa

Niko then dropped by Drusilla's, where he found out from Ray that somebody stole the diamonds. Ray told him that either he ripped him off, or Luca and his men ripped Ray and Niko off. Ray sent Niko to Battery Park to confront Luca, and he overheard Luca saying that he was heading to Las Vegas. Joe DiLeo drove away in a car with Luca in the front passenger seat and Johnny Spaz and another goon in the back. Niko hijacked a sports car that was being repaired by a man, and chased them down to Central Park. There, Niko killed the goons and shot open a bathroom stall to find Luca hiding there, and he executed him by shooting him in the head - his body slumped over and his shoulder flushed the toilet as he fell. Niko called Ray and told him to meet him on the bridge in Central Park if he wanted the diamonds back, although Ray said that he had not ordered Niko to kill the guys. Niko handed over the diamonds to Ray, and he was given $9,500 for the job. 

Tom Goldberg dead

Niko then headed over to the Financial District of southern Manhattan for his interview with Goldberg, Ligner, and Shyster, and he was led to Goldberg's office by the receptionist. Goldberg told Niko that his resume was good, and he explained that he was going to crush a police officer who was acting above the law into the dust (McReary). Goldberg also told him that a man recently in the office was murdered. When Goldberg asked Niko for an example of when he was working as a time, Niko said that he worked alone, and Goldberg began to insult him when he did not expand on it. He asked if he would talk instead of sit down like a chump, asked him if he was a waste of space, and when Niko stood up, he said that he was trying to defy him. Niko shot him in the head with a pistol and stole his files on McReary, and he fought his way past security to escape from the building. Niko lost the police and took the evidence to Greenwich Village, where he met with Francis behind the police station. Niko gave Francis the files, and Francis told him that he felt cleansed now. He gave Niko $1,000 for the job, and Niko headed back to the front of the office, where he heard Francis talking to his mom and telling her that he would make Commissioner.

Clarence Little

Francis told Niko that he wanted him to do something for him, killing a drug dealer holed up in a tower block in East Harlem. The drug pusher/pimp was Clarence Little, and Francis said that it would take him over a year to get the evidence to lock up Clarence, so he had Niko kill Clarence for him. Niko told him that he needed to pay him $5,000, and that this was the last time that he would work for him. Niko headed up to Vauxite to assassinate Clarence, who was heavily-guarded in the block. Niko fought his way past the gangsters and found Clarence on the roof, and Clarence tried to convince him that he would not kill an unarmed man. Clarence told Niko that he would reform and get a GED, and Niko decided not to kill him because he was not worth the bullets. Clarence told Niko that they were the same and they would look out for each other, but Niko told him that if he ever saw him again, he would wish that he was dead. Niko left the scene and fled the cops, and Francis gave him $5,000, saying that Clarence was always willing to compromise his own people if the police would let him go, and that he was a real bad person.

Playboy X dead

Shortly after, Playboy X called Niko, telling him that he had to make the decision. Niko chose to assassinate Playboy X instead, because money blinded him and "the game changed him". After all, Dwayne was Niko's friend, and Niko felt that Dwayne had the right to become the leader of the gang after coming back from prison. Niko headed over to Playboy's Inwood apartment, and one of Playboy's guards told him that Whitey was back. Playboy asked Niko if he took out Dwayne already, and Playboy told Niko to kill Dwayne when Niko said that he did not kill Dwayne. Niko told Playboy that he was the problem, not Dwayne, and Playboy fled as his guards shot at Niko. Niko gunned down all of Playboy's minions in his apartment and threw a grenade onto the balcony where Playboy hid, killing him before he could flee over the rooftops. He called Dwayne, saying that he killed Playboy and telling him that Playboy had originally ordered for Niko to kill Dwayne instead. Dwayne thanked him and said that they should hang out sometime, because Dwayne had very few friends left. Niko gained Playboy's Inwood safehouse, and decided to use it as his own penthouse. He slept in the bed, and that night, he headed over to Ray Boccino for another job.

The Impossible Trinity[]

Jewish mobsters

Isaac Roth

Ray told Niko that he had to offload some diamonds, and the two fought, as Ray was mad that Niko did not visit him recently. Niko was mad that Ray did not pay him much, and Niko made Ray promise him that he would help him look for Florian Cravic. Ray had Niko go to the Smithsonian Museum, where he would bring the diamonds. The diamonds would be given to the Jewish Mob and half of the money would go to Johnny, and the other half to Ray. 

Dead Jewish Mob members

Jim Fitzgerald dead

Niko headed over to the museum, where he talked with Johnny. The two walked inside, and they planned to do the deal. Niko gave Mori Green, the Jewish underboss of Isaac Roth, the diamonds in exchange for the money. However, Luis Lopez (who worked for Tony Prince) ambushed the deal and shot Green through the heart. Johnny grabbed the money and told Niko to run, leaving the diamonds with Luis. Johnny and Niko went their separate ways, and Niko was forced to kill several Jewish mobsters to escape. He gunned them down in a firefight that damaged many museum pieces, and fled from the scene, losing Isaac's crew. He called Ray and told him that Johnny had the money and he did not know who had the diamonds, so Ray told him to come see him. Ray introduced Niko to Phil Bell when he entered Drusilla's Restaurant, and Phil told Ray and Niko that they sent a few men after the bikers at Vauxite and Exeter. Niko set out to catch the bikers that were causing problems down there, and he found Jim Fitzgerald and another biker hanging out in an alleyway in East Harlem. He chased them down into the subway system and killed Jim's buddy, and he killed him in DUMBO on the side of a railroad bridge. He was given $9,500, and Ray told him that his hitmen would take care of Johnny soon.

Shortly after, Ray called Johnny and told him that he was grateful for what he was doing, and that he would throw him a bone. He said for him to meet with Talbot Daniels, an associate of his who knew where Florian Cravic lived. Niko called Roman and told him that he was going to pick him up, and the two of them headed to meet with Talbot. Niko told Roman that he found Florian, and Roman told Niko that he knew Talbot from some card games that he played. Roman also said that if Niko killed Florian, then Roman would take Niko's pain for him. Niko said that they would find out soon if killing Florian would make Niko feel better. Niko threatened Talbot into coming with him in his car, and he told him the directions to Florian's place. He was guided to the Upper West Side, and Niko told Talbot to exit the car, having done his job. Niko and Roman entered the apartment, and Niko kicked down the door. He found Florian cowering like a girl, and found out that he came to America for a complete change and believed that Darko Brevic was the traitor. He told Niko that he was a lifestyle coach and an aerobics teacher, and said that he was in love with Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins, but Niko cut his story short by asking where Darko was. Niko and Roman left the apartment, knowing that Florian changed and that Darko was the traitor. Niko found out that Darko was probably in Switzerland or somewhere in Europe, and Niko decided to continue his search for Darko.

Niko called Ray and told him that Florian wasn't the man that he was looking for, and Ray told Niko that he did what he could. Niko then headed to meet with Francis McReary, who was at the pier in Battery Park. Francis told Niko that he killed only one man and did not destroy his whole organization, and Francis told Niko that he had to kill his chief lieutenant, a drug pusher who sold heroin to kids and who wanted to expose Francis' corruption. Francis told Niko that he could either report Niko to the feds, or Niko could get rid of the man so that Francis would still be able to become Commissioner. Francis agreed to give Niko $5,000 again, and sent Niko to Denver Street between V and W to kill the drug dealer and stop him from continuing his heinous actions and from reporting McReary.

The drug dealer watching TV

Niko Bellic headed out to Denver Street to assassinate the dealer, and he climbed the fire escape to the building opposite the drug dealer's apartment. He took up a sniping position there and lured the dealer into his sights by shooting his television. The dealer approached the window to see what happened, and Niko shot him square in the chest with a sniper rifle, killing him. Niko was paid $5,000, and he decided to go work for Francis' brother Gerry instead. He went through the back entrance, and met Gerry there.

Anthony Spoleto entering his car

Tony Palladino

Gerry told Niko that the family had too much fun and not enough focus, and that was what was destroying them. Gerry told Niko that all that his family was doing was spending money on women and working for other families instead. He said that he had a plan, and he said that he needed to create a problem between the Ancelotti crime family and their Albanian Mob muscle. Gerry told Niko that a car bomb was located on Inchon Avenue, and he wanted Niko to plant the bomb on the car of Ancelotti Capo Anthony Spoleto ("Tony Black") so that it would look like the Ancelottis bombed him. Niko heard on the news about a report on the Bank of Liberty in Manhattan robbery, and heard that the Mayor's Office was considering reopening the bridges between Manhattan and New Jersey due to the lack of terrorist threats. When Niko collected the bomb, he called Gerry, who told him that the Italians were leaving from Feldspar Street in Little Italy. Niko took a taxi cab there, and planted the bomb. He then entered a nearby car and saw Tony Black and his friend Sal leaving a building there, hearing them saying that they needed to meet with the Albanians so that they could fight the drunken Irish mobsters. Niko tailed them to the meeting in Washington Heights, near the docks. He called the number of the car bomb, and Spoleto's vehicle exploded, causing a chain reaction with the fuel tanks in the area. Niko then finished off the remaining three Ancelotti enforcers, including soldiers Tony Palladino and Harry Trapani, completely wiping out the crew. Niko heard that police believed that terrorists were behind the bombing of the fuel depot in northern Washington Heights, and the Mayor's Office demanded more anti-terror fines from the government. 

Frankie Garone

Frankie Garone dead

Niko then headed over to Gerry again, and he saw Kate at the door, and she kissed him on the cheek. Gerry told Niko that he needed some gimp work for the Pegorinos, and Gerry said that he believed that he was going to be pinched again. In the meantime, Gerry needed help with destroying relations between the Albanians and Ancelottis. Niko was to dress as an Albanian and take a motorbike to Times Square, where the Albanians and Ancelotti capo Frankie Garone would meet, and kill Garone to make it look like an Albanian hit. Already hostile because of the Spoleto job, the Ancelottis would wage war with the Albanians. Niko headed over to the location, where he saw Frankie kicking an Albanian that he believed had killed Tony Black. However, Frankie noticed Niko and tried to escape on his motorbike, so Niko chased him down. Frankie was very fast, and zoomed through the Lincoln Tunnel, with Niko in hot pursuit. In Jersey City, Niko was able to gun him down with several Micro-Uzi shots to the back, and he gained $9,250 from the job. He called Gerry to inform him that Frankie Garone was sleeping with the fishes, and Gerry wired him his money. Gerry told Niko to look after his family if he "went inside" (was arrested and sent to prison), and hung up.

Bucky Sligo dead

Next, Niko decided to check up on Derrick, who was laying down on a bench speaking to himself, with a bottle of wine in his hand. Derrick woke up from his alcoholic sleep after Niko kicked his arm, and Derrick told Niko to sit down. He needed Niko's help with getting back against people who stole stuff from him, and Niko realized that that was what Packie referred to when he mentioned Derrick's need to finish "old business". Derrick told Niko that a man named Bucky Sligo threatened to kill Derrick and his family, so Niko accessed a police computer and tracked him down to a Burger King in New Jersey's town of Weehawken, finding out that he was wanted for hit-and-run. Derrick told Niko that he wanted his crew to pay as well, so he would have to chase the coward Bucky down to the other gangters. Niko chased him down to his apartment and killed him and his four friends, ending the Sligo Gang and getting $6,500. Niko called Derrick to let him know that Bucky and his boys were dead, and Derrick was happy to know that.

New Jersey[]

Kim-Young Guk

Shortly after, Ray Boccino texted Niko, saying that the Pegorino family wanted to keep an eye on him and have him close, and they gave him a safehouse in Jersey City. That night, he headed to the pier of Jersey City, where he met with Derrick McReary. Derrick drove a speedboat to him, and told him to take over. He told Niko that he wanted him to meet with a contact of his from North Korea, Kim-Young Guk, who was coming to the United States with a boat-load of fake dollar bills ("Super Notes"). Derrick did business with Kim-Young Park (Guk's father) and the Korean Mob back in Ireland, and he was going to be paid for escorting the North Korean mobsters and their counterfeit money into the States. Niko drove the boat to the large boat that Kim was travelling in, and Derrick told him that they were going to meet his friends in The Bronx, and would following his rear to make sure that nobody followed them. However, Albanian Mob boats appeared and tried to sink Kim's vessel, so Niko shot the drivers, and used an RPG to shoot down a helicopter that arrived to attack Kim's boat. Derrick told Niko that he believed that Francis was responsible for tipping the Albanians off about the ambush, as he was the biggest rat that he knew - however, Derrick could not explain how Francis knew that he was back in the United States. They arrived at Port Morris, where they were greeted by Kim's fellow Korean Mob mobsters. Niko got $7,000 for his role in the job.

Aiden O'Malley

Francis McReary

Francis McReary dead

Niko took a cab to meet with Derrick back in Kearny's park, and Derrick said that his old enemy Aiden O'Malley was being moved to the New Jersey Correctional Facility from another jail. Derrick wanted to put the past to bed, and sent Niko to ambush the convoy in the Lincoln Tunnel and kill Aiden. Packie called him and told him that he left a rocket launcher and a truck on Applewhite Street in Jersey City for him, and said that he would help block the rear of the Lincoln Tunnel as Niko blocked the front. Niko used the truck to block off the tunnel and he killed the police guarding Aiden, before springing him and driving away with Packie and Aiden. They drove to the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal after shaking off the police, and entered a nearby car. They drove to the cliffs in Englewood, where Aiden believed a boat would be waiting for him. However, when the reached the cliff, Niko shot Aiden in the head after Packie revealed that the man who ordered his "rescue" was Derrick, and Aiden tumbled into the sea. Derricl gave him $7,500, and Derrick told Niko that he would have a fresh beginning. However, Francis McReary told Niko that he needed to meet him on Castle Drive in Battery Park City as soon as possible. Niko took a cab there, and met with Francis. Francis was mad that Niko did not tell him that Derrick was back, and Francis told Niko that Derrick was sick. He told Niko that he only left America in the first place because he was caught stealing from the Mafia, and said that Derrick was threatening to talk to journalists. Francis said that he could not handle Derrick, and told Niko to stop Derrick for him. Francis said that Derrick was already dead, just not yet. Niko was told to go to Bismarck Street in Turtle Bay at the park, where he would be told to take the window cleaning elevator to get to the roof, and from there he would shoot Derrick. Niko took a cab there, and used the elevator to get to the roof, where he talked with Derrick. Derrick was nervous about the meeting, and he texted Niko, saying that he believed that Francis was going to have him killed. Although Francis promised him $25,000 for killing Derrick, Niko made a judgment call and decided to shoot Francis, and shot him in the head. Derrick fled, and Niko evacuated the area. Shortly after, Packie called Niko and asked him to come to the funeral, which would mean a lot to the family. He was indifferent to Francis' death, as he was a cop. Packie sadly informed Niko that Gerry was locked up the night before. Kate also called Niko, telling him that her family did not like Francis because he was too much of a cop for them and too much of a gangster to the police. Niko dressed up nice and headed to the church in SoHo, where the family was attending Francis' funeral.

Albanian Mob associates

When he arrived there, he sat next to Derrick and behind Kate. He joined the family in the procession to the cemetry, but as they left the church and walked outside, they spotted an Albanian car pass by. An Albanian pulled the window down and cocked a pistol, shooting at the family. Niko and Packie drew pistols and protected the McReary family by killing the Albanian Mob gangsters, and they successfully drove the hearse to Roosevelt Island, where Francis was buried. When the burial ended, Niko parted from the McReary family, but as he was driving off Roosevelt Island, Gerry called him and told him that he put him on the visitors list at the New Jersey State Correctional Facility. He told him to come by some time soon.

Isaac Roth dead

Niko dropped by Drusilla's Restaurant in Little Italy, where he heard Ray arguing with Isaac Roth, who said that he wanted Ray killed, because he blamed him for the robbery of the diamonds. Niko talked with Ray, who told him that he was having a bad day. Ray told Niko to shut up Isaac, the diamond dealer, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to the south of Central Park, so Niko set out to kill Isaac and his crew of Jewish mobsters. When he entered the hotel, he took the elevator to Isaac's floor. Niko encountered several Jewish mobsters, and gunned them all down as he pushed his way through the apartment. He killed underboss Chaim Morris and soldier Abraham Netter in their apartments and found Roth on the roof, shooting him many times with a carbine rifle and killing him. He then fought his way out of the apartment through the last of the Jewish Mob, and lost the police, escaping the hotel. Niko got $11,000, and called Ray. Niko told Ray that he was tired of shutting people up for him, and Ray reminded him that he was lucky, as everyone else involved with the deal was dead or about to be killed. Niko said that he was done working for him, and Ray said that he was just another off-the-boat scumbag, and they parted on bad terms.

Gracie Ancelotti

Niko headed to work for Gerald, and before he entered the prison to speak with Gerry, Ray texted him and told him that he and Phil Bell needed to meet with him at a depot in Bayonne. Niko entered the prison and spoke with Gerry through the glass using telephones, and Gerry said that he was in prison for armed robbery, racketeering, and many other charges. Niko offered to help him, and Gerry told Niko to give Packie a call. Packie told Niko that Gerry wanted him to kidnap Don Giovanni Ancelotti's daughter Gracie Ancelotti, luring her into a trap by taking a test drive of her pink Feltzer up for sale at Auto Eroticar. Niko headed to a TW@ Internet Cafe and used the computer, getting the Mob Daughter's phone number so that he could eventually call her for the test drive.

Phil Bell

After leaving the cafe, Bellic headed over to the depot in Bayonne, where he met with Phil Bell. Ray Boccino brought him into the depot, where he was reintroduced to Niko Bellic. Ray told Phil that Niko was good, and Phil and Niko shook hands. Phil told Niko that he needed to steal a big chunk of "brown" that the Triads were transporting in a truck in New Jersey. They refused to sell it because they believed it was cursed, so it was ripe for the taking. While driving to the site of the truck, he heard on the radio that Francis McReary was killed, with people claiming that he was a good policeman. It also reported Gerald's arrest due to an outstanding warrant, and that NASDAQ went up 6 points. Niko headed on over to the site of the truck convoy in Englewood and killed all of the Triads guarding the truck, but the truck began to escape. He climbed up the back and slowly crawled towards the roof, and he eventually hijacked the truck and took it to the old mansion in Weehawken. Phil told him that it was a wedding gift for his nephew Frankie Gallo, and when he unloaded the truck, Niko was greeted by Frankie. Niko was paid $11,000 for the job, and he called Bell to report the theft. Bell told him that if he was looking for more work, he should call a contact that he knew using a phone on Hardtack and Vitullo.

"Bernie Crane"

The Hater, dead

Niko then headed in a cab to visit Florian (who insisted that he call him by his American name, "Bernie Crane") in his apartment in the Upper West Side, and Bernie greeted him strangely. He told Niko that the haters were trying to kill him, and that he left Serbia to be himself away from "macho pricks". Bernie told Niko that somebody was threatening to kill him, and whenever he was in Central Park playing ultimate disc or running, the man bothered him. Niko told Bernie to have a look with him, and the two headed over to Central Park, where he did his exercises. Bernie did his exercises to lure out the hater, and when he ran out of a tunnel, the hater ambushed him and hit him in the groin with a baseball bat. Niko told the hater that because he hit Bernie, he was going to hit him. While driving a scooter, he heard a radio report that a man named Chris Ryan was arrested for the killing of another movie-goer at the premiere of the movie "Dragon Brain", and also heard that Isaac Roth, a diamond dealer accused of importing conflict diamonds, was killed in a shootout. Niko pursued the hater and killed him after mowing him down with a Carbine Rifle, and dropped Bernie off at a Perseus shop in the Financial District in southern Manhattan. Shortly after, Phil Bell called Niko, telling him that Don Jimmy Pegorino wanted to talk with Niko, so Niko decided to take a cab to meet with Pegorino at his mansion in Weehawken. He was greeted by hs wife, who asked if he would kill him, arrest him, or insure him. She eventually walked away after Pegorino's "adopted son" Anthony Corrado arrived, and he brought Niko to Jimmy. 

Jimmy Pegorino

Jimmy told Niko that he would deal with a problem or be a problem for somebody else to deal with. Jimmy told Niko that he was going to meet with a couple of Pavano crime family people so that he could ally with them, hoping that he could get on the Commission. He wanted Niko to keep an eye on things for the meeting, as the Pavanos had treated him disrespectfully in the past. Marco Bonnaro and Pete Marchetti were to assist Niko in overseeing the meeting. They drove to an old refinery in South Kearny, with Jimmy arguing with his two stupid bodyguards on the way. During the ride, Jimmy told Niko that he wanted to get friendly with the Pavanos so that he could get on the Commission, having let them operate in New Jersey so that they could be friendly when he asked for a favor. 

Carmine Ippolito

At the meeting, Niko was given a sniper rifle and sent to an old building to watch over. Niko saw the Pavanos attempt to kill Jimmy, and they managed to wound him in the chest, while Pete and Marco were both gunned down. Niko killed the attackers and helped a wounded Pegorino into a car, and Pegorino told Niko that if The Commission found out that the Pavanos tried to kill Pegorino at a sitdown, the whole city would be up in arms. Also, he said that because of the hit, he would go to war with the Pavanos. Niko helped him to regain his tribute money from Soldier Carmine Ippolito, whose car was blown up as he tried to escape from the industrial park. Niko returned to Jimmy and drove him back to his place, and Pegorino explained to Niko why the Pegorinos were not respected. He said that he hired wannabe wiseguys off the streets as his enforcers and did not pay any attention to them until they put him in an awkward situation, either ratting him out to the FBI or being too strong and too smart to be shot. Pegorino told Niko that Ray Boccino became a major mobster when he stuck his nose in places that it shoudn't have been in, and he said that Phil Bell was different, because he was 90% Irish, and the Italian Mafia frowned upon non-Italians becoming made men and rising to high positions. Niko dropped Pegorino off at his house, and was given $10,500 for the job. 

Sammy Agostino

Jimmy said that he did well that last time, and he called for Niko to come back. Niko entered the house and Jimmy told him that he had to wipe out a crew of Pavanos heading from a diner in Kearny to their meet with some bookies at Auto Eroticar. Niko chased Capo Sammy Agostino down from the diner to the meet at Auto Eroticar, where he killed all of the Pavano soldati with help from officer Teddy Sanchez (who was killed later on). After he finished killing the gangsters, he called Packie and asked if he wanted to get drunk with him. He headed to Tribeca and picked up Packie, and headed to Lucky Winkles, where the two got drunk. He took a cab with Packie and they went back to his home, and he dropped him off there. Niko then returned to his Washington Heights penthouse, where he went to sleep.

The next day, Packie called Niko to remind him to kidnap Gracie. He called her, and she told him to go to Babbage Drive to test drive the car, although she told him that he did not sound like the type of man to drive a Pink Feltzer; Niko said that he could not resist a bargain. When he arrived, he took a test drive in the car with Gracie, who flirted with him, saying that she liked the Eastern European type, bringing up how men try to get into her pants, and saying that she loved to have fun. Eventually, he drove her towards his safehouse rather than the south shore as she wanted, and told her that he was going to kidnap her, and told her to be quiet so that she would not get hurt. She tried to take the wheel and drive him off course, but she failed and he drove her to Gordon Sargent's safehouse, where she was held for ransom. Niko got $9,500, and he called Packie to tell him that the mission was a success.

Roman Yulov

Boris Stepanov

Niko then decided to go to Phil Bell's strip club "Honkers Gentleman's Club" in Elizabeth, where he talked with Phil while walking out of the club. The manager Tommy rushed to Phil, and told him that the boss Jimmy Pegorino called him for an emergency. Niko drove Phil to a truck under the overpass at Catskill Avenue, and Phil told him that they were going to steal some cocaine from the Russian Mafia. Ever since the Albanian and Ancelotti love affair ended, the Ancelottis purchased C from the Rascalov crime family, and Niko and Phil set out to steal a shipment of cocaine at the docks so that it did not reach the Ancelottis. They entered the truck in Jersey City, and Phil told Niko that it was the same truck that the Russians were expecting for the Ancelottis to use (it was stolen by Phil's associates that morning), so the Russians would load up the cocaine for them. They headed to Ward's Island, where the Russians would load up the large shipment of cocaine onto their truck. While listening to the radio, Niko heard a news report reporting on the Auto Eroticar shootout, with crime experts believing that a mob war was raging within New York's Five Families. They said that they suspected the Pegorino crime family for starting the war, as they had long sought to be at the top table of crime, and some people called the recent series of mob executions and shootouts a "reign of terror". When Niko and Phil arrived on the island, they looked over the situation. The boatyard was heavily guarded, so the element of surprise would be crucial. The Russians brought in the shipment from Miami in speedboats at the docks, so Niko and Phil would have to take the boats to the dropoff in Harlem, where Phil would unload the cocaine to some associates. Niko and Phil gunned down the guards of the warehouse after the guard that checked the truck became suspicious of Phil, and a giant shootout began with the Rascalov mobsters. They killed soldiers Boris Stepanov and Roman Yulov, and they were able to steal two speedboats, taking them to the docks of Harlem after killing two pursuing Russian speedboats. Bell unloaded the cocaine with his men, and Niko was given $7,500 for the job.

Charles Matteo

Packie called Niko as Niko entered a cab, telling him to take a picture of Gracie so that the Irish Mob could prove to Don Ancelotti that she was in their hands. He took the picture and sent it to Packie, and he then headed down to the docks to meet with Phil that night. Phil told him that he had to quickly go to the old Sprite factory on Argus Street in Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. Phil informed Niko that the Russian Mafia got to Ancelotti crime family Underboss Charles "Chubby Charlie" Matteo, and informed him that it was the Pegorinos who stole their cocaine. Matteo planned to chopper out of New Jersey and get to New York City, where he would tell the Commission that the Pegorinos were muscling in on the Ancelotti's profits. If Charlie was able to tell the Commission about the Pegorinos' theft of their cocaine, then the Commission would lose respect for the family - Niko had to ice Chubby Charlie before he could escape. Charlie said that he would make some noise so that the Ancelottis would not believe that it was him, while Niko would go into the factory and kill the Ancelottis. He could either go through the front or go through a tunnel behind the factory. Niko entered the factory through the tunnels and gunned down all of the Italian and Russian Mafiosi, and chased Chubby Charlie as he attempted to escape to the helicopter. Charlie reached the roof and grabbed the landing gears as it took off. Niko shot the tail of the chopper, and it spiraled out of control, and he crashed through the roof. Charlie fell to his death and the chopper and debris crushed him. Niko got $10,500, and told Phil the good news. Shortly after, Niko heard on the radio that New York was being infested with fake dollar bills (due to Kim-Young Guk), and Roman called him to eat with him. He picked him up from Bedford-Stuyvesant back in Brooklyn and took him out to the 69th Street Diner. After eating, they headed to the Upper East Side, where Roman was dropped off. 

Anthony Corrado

Niko returned to Jimmy Pegorino's mansion in Weehawken for some more work after leaving Manhattan. Jimmy drew a shotgun and told him to tell him if he was a rat, and Jimmy angrily told him that Anthony Corrado was wearing a wire. Jimmy was very angry that his own personal bodyguard was an FBI rat, and he told Niko that Anthony had a heart attack while freaking out when Jimmy talked to him on the phone to confront him about his betrayal. Jimmy told Niko that he was in an Englewood hospital under heavy guard, so Niko decided to go there and kill him, as he was also on the tapes. Niko entered the hospital and killed the police guarding Anthony before pulling the plug on his life support, killing him. Niko then escaped the police and told Pegorino that he had killed Anthony, and he was given $13,000. Shortly after, Ray called him and told him that the Ancelottis would not pay him for taking their daughter, because they had no money. However, Niko told him that Gay Tony and the Ancelottis must have taken back the diamonds from Isaac during the deal, and when Ray told him to give him the diamonds after the deal so that they could be square, Niko said that they were already square and hung up.

Frankie Gallo

Niko then dropped by the depot in Bayonne, where he saw Mrs. Pegorino leaving the office after talking with Phil. Niko told Phil that he wanted his help with finding out something about someone, and Phil believed that he was blackailing him. Niko immediately told him that he just wanted a favor, and was not blackmailing him. Phil agreed, and he told him to come with him. They headed to Beaverhead Avenue in Weehawken, where Frankie Gallo was keeping the heroin cool and away from the other gangs. Frankie told Phil that the house was a "ghost house", with nobody looking around. However, when they left in two cars with the heroin, over 50 feds appeared, so Bell fled in one car and Niko and Frankie followed him in another. In southern New Jersey they ditched their cars and ran on foot, shooting down a police helicopter and gunning down many SWAT, FBI, and NJPD on their case. They escaped the police and headed to a parking lot in Weehawken, where Phil told him that the shifting of the heroin could make the Pegorinos rich. Frankie said that he did not expect to survive the wild chase, and he apologized, saying that he was thinking about his new marriage, his child, putting his sister through college, and taking care of his sick mother. Niko was given $12,000 for the job.

Afterwards, Kate McReary called Niko, asking him if he wanted to do anything with her. He picked her up within an hour, and decided to take her to the 69th Street Diner in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Kate said that the restaurant was her favorite place, and when they left, Kate said that they could be friends, but she would not "date" him. They parted on good terms, and Niko went to hang out with Little Jacob. Little Jacob told him that Real Badman was paranoid because of all of the smoking that he did, and told him that he believed that his friends were after him. Niko took him to a restaurant in Little Italy that served pasta, liquor, and pizza, and Little Jacob said that he loved the place. They parted there, and Niko was texted by Packie, who told him to go and talk with Gerald in prison.

Mikhail Yemelyanovich

Filipp Makarovich

Gerald met with Niko again, and Gerald told him to take Gracie to the Manhattan sahefouse on Exeter Avenue in Washington Heights. Niko drove the car as quickly as he could, because the Ancelottis were onto him and pursued him in their cars. He reached Packie's safehouse and left the car there, and he took a cab back to the prison to meet with Gerry again. Gerry told him that he was going to be in prison for the rest of his life, but said that the deal was going to be good for Packie and Niko. Gerald wished Niko good luck, as this was his last job for him. Niko drove on over to Packie's safehouse in Washington Heights, where he picked up Packie and the car. Packie told him that the exchange was on Ward's Island at the water treatment plant, and Niko drove them there. They met Tony Prince and his henchman Tony Prince, and Niko and Packie left the car with Gracie. Tony was told to put the diamonds in the middle, and when he did, they sent over the girl in exchange. However, before they could pick up the goods, Ray Bulgarin arrived on the island in a car. He confronted Niko, and his goons took cover to ambush them. Bulgarin told Niko to give the diamonds back, but Niko refused, and Bulgarin ordered his mobsters to kill Niko and Packie. They opened fire with AK-47s, so Packie and Niko took cover behind a car and fired back as Bulgarin escaped in his car. He killed Filipp Makarovich and Mikhail Yemelyanovich, two Bulgarin crime family hitmen, in addition to dozens of other Russian mobsters. Niko and Packie trapped the last Russian, who had the diamonds. The man said that if he didn't give them the diamonds, they would kill him; if he did, Bulgarin would kill him. He dropped them in a truck filled with gravel and he was shot, falling to his death. Niko drove Packie back to his mother's house, and on the way, he explained to Packie about how the diamonds were causing all of the trouble. If he had kept the diamonds, there was no guarantee that Ray Boccino would pay him, and since they were going to a landfill, nobody would fight over them. He dropped him off at his mother's house, and Niko called Ray on the cell phone. He told him about the loss of the diamonds to Bulgarin, and he asked him where they were. Niko said that they were thrown into traffic and hung up before Ray could respond. 

Niko then headed down to meet with Jimmy, who was calling a "war council" with Phil, Ray, and other members of the family. He saw Phil and Ray arguing, and after they left, Jimmy told Niko that the police were all over the Pegorino family. He said that the men in jail could squeal, and said that maybe Jon Gambetti or the Ancelottis got to his people. Jimmy told Niko that Phil was a straight man and would not bother anyone, but he said that he did not trust Ray, although he had his eye on the prize and was a good earner. Jimmy told Niko that he would give him a call soon and tell him who to shut up.

Gavril Yakovich

With Pegorino thinking about who to kill, Niko decided to go and visit Bernie that night. Bernie told Niko that Bryce Dawkins was being blackmailed about him, and he told Niko to help him out, and he said that he was working on finding out where Darko was. Bernie asked for an intimidating car, so Niko took a sports car and drove him to the meeting place in Washington Heights. At the meeting, they met Gavril Yakovich and another representative of the blackmailer, and when they said that they wanted to meet with Bryce and not his rentboys and said that they would put the news on FOX News, they sped off. They revealed that they worked for Dimitri Rascalov before speeding off on Union Drive West, and Niko and Bernie chased them down in a car chase. They stopped in Battery Park City near the water, so Niko exited the car and killed the two blackmailers. Niko got $6,250, and he called Dimitri Rascalov. Rascalov told him that he was disappointed that he was not among the bodies on Ward's Island and told him that he stole from Bulgarin twice, asking him why he would not just pay back his "debt" to Bulgarin and Rascalov so that they could all be friends. Niko said that his only debt was putting a bullet in Rascalov's temple, and he told him that his time would soon come, before hanging up.

Ray, about to shoot Niko.

Ray dead

Niko was then called by Jimmy Pegorino, who told him that he decided that Ray Boccino was the snitch, and he had him go to East Harlem at Cod Row to search for him. Niko headed over to Cod Row, and he called Jimmy. Jimmy told him that he was going to a chop shop in DUMBO, and he told Niko to exterminate him. Near Yorkville, Niko was able to ambush Ray's car after it crashed, and when Ray got out, Niko shot him three times with a shotgun, killing him. Niko informed Jimmy that Ray was dead, and he was paid $14,500 for the job. With Ray's death, Jimmy believed that the rat in his organization was dead, although his family continued to decay.

Shortly after Ray was killed, Packie called Niko and told him that he knew a man who could set him up with some car bombs if he ever needed them, a reward for Niko being a good friend to him. Florian texted Niko and said that he was having a panic attack and told him to meet him at Pier 45 in the South Street Seaport. However, when Niko arrived there, he brought himself a picnic basket and told him to accompany him for a picnic on a speedboat. He drove the boat to the coast near Coney Island, and Bernie looked with binoculars and found some Russians on a speedboat, and they attempted to shoot Niko and Florian. They were Rascalov minions, sent to kill them for messing with Dimitri. Niko pursued them on the boat through the Hudson River, even as the Harbor Unit of the NYPD pursued them. Niko chased them until they disembarked and made land in Astoria, Queens, and he killed the two of them that remained after the chase (one was killed in the chase). Florian drove away on the boat after thanking Niko, who got $6,500.

the ULP contact.

Having done all of the jobs that his friends offered him, he finally went to Tribeca to meet with Michelle. Michelle apologized for lying to him, and she said that in some ways he was a nice man. However, she said that he was damaged goods, and told him to come with her to meet her boss. Niko was taken to the office of her boss in Office 396, and he was introduced to the man. The man told him to find out about a man named Oleg Minkov who lived on Iroquois Avenue back in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, and they told him that if he did not work with them, then he would go to prison or be killed. The contact gave him his number, using the front of the United Liberty Paper office. 

Oleg Minkov

Niko set out for Oleg Minkov's apartment, and when he arrived, he broke open the door. Nobody was home, but he left his laptop open. Niko called the ULP and told him that he was not there, and the contact told him to use his computer to find his current whereabouts. When he looked at his e-mails, he saw Larry Ligner of Goldberg, Ligner, & Shyster saying to him that his manuscript was rife with inaccuracies and salacious allegations, and told him to cease and desist his endeavor. He read another e-mail from Konstantin, who said that he could not give him the information on money that reached dead ends in the Caymans or Switzerland. Finally, he read an e-mail from his friend Vasily, who told him to meet him at the jewellery shop off Tulsa Street to meet him, and Vasily told him that the government was not going to spy on him or poison him. Niko called the contact and told him that he was meeting someone at Tulsa Street in Brighton Beach, and the ULP Contact told him to kill the man as their agents took the hard drive of Minkov's computer. He found Oleg there, and Oleg sped away in his car, forcing Niko to pursue in a police car. Niko eventually shot his car up so much that it exploded, and it blew up in The Meat Quarter, also destroying another car in a huge explosion. Niko called UL Paper to report his success. Shortly after, Rascalov called him. He made fun of his relationship with Bernie and Bryce, and Rascalov told him to make Bryce hand over the contracts for the unions, and said that he could cut Niko in. Niko refused and hung up, and went to UL Paper again.

Adam Dimayev

The UL Paper contact told him that he needed to find someone for him, and told him that he would get a picture for him. The contact said that he would not get 100 murders pinned on him if he helped him, and also said that he could help him. He then sent him to get a police computer, and Niko found Adam Dimayev, the target. He hung out at Kamayshev Import/Export in Long Island City, and was wanted for financing terrorist activity. The contact told Niko to kill Dimayev there, as well as his whole gang, many in number. Niko killed Dimayev and all but one of his men, who pleaded for mercy. He was given $6,750, and the contact told him that he was one step closer to finding the man he was after.

Tyler Brown

Niko overlooking many dead M.O.B. gangsters

Because Niko was in a police car, he decided to do some vigilante work. He headed over to Ticonderoga Avenue (behind the Astoria Beer Garden in Astoria, Queens), where gang activity was reported and killed M.O.B. members Tyler Brown and Dayvon Santiago, helping to clean the neighborhood. 

Niko then responded to another case of gang violence on Stillwater Avenue in Forest Hills, heading to an alleyway there where more M.O.B. gangsters were hanging out. Niko drew a Carbine Rifle and killed all of the five gangsters that were congregating in the area, and he fled the scene, having cleared the criminals in the precinct. After cleaning up the hood, he decided to get some sleep at his Upper East Side apartment, and before he did, the UL Paper contact told him that he wanted to introduce him to John Gravelli in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Medical Center. Niko got Gravelli's phone number, and he went to sleep soon after. 

Niko decided to finish his work for UL Paper, and while he was in his cab, he was called by Bernie Crane. Bernie told him that he wanted to give him Bryce Dawkins' car as a present for being a good friend to him, and he let Niko take it as his personal vehicle. 

When Niko arrived at the office, the contact told him that he needed to assassinate Eduard Borodin, who was funding terrorists. Niko headed to Albany Avenue in Kip's Bay's Civilization Plaza, where he was to pick up a handy item for the job. Niko found a helicopter taking off, and he was told to follow it to its destination, board it when its passengers left, and take it to the JFK International Airport. It landed in Hell's Kitchen, and he killed Arkady Tarasovich and all of the Russian Mafia members that arrived there for a meeting (a guard noticed that they were "one heavy"). He then flew it to JFK, where two men told him that they would take it from there, and they flew away. Niko got $7,000 for the job, and the contact told him that he would tear the helicopter apart and put it back together for Niko to use soon.

Jon Gravelli

While waiting for the contact, Niko headed to meet Jon Gravelli, who was in a hospital bed in Bushwick. The old man told him that Russians were trying to take over rackets that his family had owned for fifty years, and told him that they wanted to take over bus lines, cleaning, and other rackets, which they could gain by blackmailing Bryce Dawkins. Gravelli told him that he had to prevent the Russians from assassinating his good friend Bobby Jefferson, who was going to Grand Central Station on Bismarck. The man was going to give a speech at City Hall about the new threat to New York - Russian organized crime - and Dimitri Rascalov did not want that speech to happen. When Niko asked what he could get from doing work for him, Gravelli told him that the NYPD had a file that was an inch thick on him, and the CIA could help him by bringing Darko Brevic out of hiding and drop him off for Bellic to deal with. Niko arrived at the Grand Central Station, where he entered a car in the convoy with Bobby Jefferson in the back. Bobby talked with Jon Gravelli on the phone as Niko drove, but they reached a blocked road, where some Russians tried to kill Bobby. They killed his other bodyguards, and Niko had to gun down all of the ambushers. After he did so, he drove Jefferson to the Civic Citadel after escaping pursuing Russian mobsters, and Jefferson was able to deliver his speech.

Mr. Fuk's Rice Box

Kim Young-guk dead

Niko headed back to the Bushwick Medical Center to get another job from Gravelli, and Gravelli told him that Darko Brevic was being taken to America from Bucharest in Romania, a very different place than Switzerland. Gravelli told Niko that a Korean was selling money at a discount, and told him that he had to kill him. The gangster's name was Kim Young-guk, and he ate at Mr. Fuk's Rice Box in Jersey City. Gravelli said that his counterfeiting of money was bad for the economy, so he had to take him out as a patriotic duty. Niko took a cab over to Jersey City, where he would have to kill his recently-made acquaintance. When he entered the restaurant, the man at the front said that Kim was upstairs, but did not want to see him. When Niko said that he was a close friend of his, the man said that he did not need friends, because he had lots of money. Niko drew a Carbine Rifle and killed him, and had a shootout with the Korean Mob in the restaurant. He found the manager on the second floor, and found out that Kim was fleeing through the kitchen. Niko pursued him after gunning down several Korean mobsters, and while he was on the fire escape, he shot Kim from above as he tried to flee in a parked vehicle. Niko got $13,250 for the assassination of Kim, who had previously asked if he was the same man who got him into the country.

Dyogtin Vaniamin

Afterwards, he returned to Gravelli, who was with the UL Paper Contact. Gravelli told the UL Paper Contact that the Ancelotti crime family was in contact with the Russians, and lamented that he should have killed Don Giovanni Ancelotti's uncle back in 1972. The contact told Niko that it was a matter of national security, and they told Niko that he had to destroy a fleet of vans at a grocery warehouse at Jersey City. The vans could move the product into the rest of the country, so Niko had to destroy them to prevent the Russian Mafia from pushing the drugs to the rest of the USA. The Russian drug traffickers filled the vans with the cocaine, and because the grocery warehouse was a front for the drugs, it was heavily-guarded. Niko killed Boris Mozarov, Lazar Pasternak, Dyogtin Vaniamin, Milorad Yerzov, and Lazar Zvyagin, and he destroyed all of the vans. He was given $14,500 for completing the last of Gravelli's jobs, and Gravelli told him that he gave a dying man a few moments of happiness. Gravelli told him that he was happy that he could help him with getting Darko into the country, and hung up.

Fernando Mauri

Prudenzio Cosenza, the first target

Shortly after, he drove away in his FBI Buffalo and responded to a criminal on foot in Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. He found out that it was Pavano crime family Soldier Fernando Mauri, who was concerned that he was a Witness Protection Program member (he yelled "this will keep you from talking!" before attempting to shoot Niko). Mauri was gunned down at the warehouse in Port Newark, and Niko stole his money. Soon after, he talked to a man on a phone in Kearny and told him that he was a friend of Phil. The man called himself "The Fixer", and told him that he needed him for a contract killing. He told him that the target was on a boat trip between Elizabeth and Kearny on the canal, and Niko arrived at a coastal sidewalk. He shot the target with a sniper rifle on his yacht, killing him, and he was given $3,000. The Fixer told him to contact him on the hard line if he wanted more work, and hung up.

Bellic was then called by the UL Paper contact, who told him to meet him at Grummer Avenue in Inwood, where he would get in the helicopter. The contact told him that Little Jacob would be riding shotgun with him for the hit, and told him that Eduard Borodin was last spotted in Morningside Heights. Niko met Jacob there, and when they took off, Niko looked for an opportunity to shoot down the chopper without civilian casualties. Jacob shot three RPG shots at Borodin's helicopter and downed it near Liberty Island, and Niko dropped Jacob off at the Union Drive East helipad in South Street Seaport. Niko then called the contact, telling him that the chopper was shot down. The contact told Niko that he would call when he found something on Darko, and Niko flew away in the helicopter. He headed to the Upper West Side, where he entered Bryce Dawkins' orange sports car, and he drove it to his Jersey City safehouse, where he put it in his parking space and went to sleep.

Cremenzio Salvetti

Still waiting for Darko to be delivered, Niko decided to do another vigilante mission. He left his safehouse in his FBI Buffalo and found out that there was gang activity near Auto Eroticar, and he headed to the crime scene. He found a crew of Pavano crime family members under Soldier Cremenzio Salvetti there, and he gunned them all down. He also killed Alvino Marzan, a member of the Spanish Lords who attempted to shoot Niko afterwards.

Tony Adduci

Niko continued to clean up the streets by responding to gang activity on Aspdin Drive in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he killed the crew of Pegorino crime family soldier Tony Adduci. Then, he responded to a report of gang activity on Applewhite Street in Jersey City, and he killed a crew of Russian mobsters under Vanya Petrov, cleaning up that crime scene. Shortly after, Brucie called him, expressing his surprise that Roman was getting married. 

Niko then proceeded to clean up gang activity on Sundance Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, killing a few African-American gangsters. He then went after Fernando Tisdel, a member of the Spanish Lords who was on the Most Wanted list. He was hiding out in Brighton Beach, and Niko chased them down. He blew up their vehicle by repeatedly shooting it, with the car exploding on Delaware Avenue in Brighton Beach, just next to DUMBO. With Tisdel dead, the safety of New York slightly improved.

Jake Hawkins

Next, Niko left the airport in an FBI Buffalo and went after reports of gang activity on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. He drove to the Hi-Way Tire Co. on the highway in Flatbush, where he killed several bikers of The Lost MC, including Jake Hawkins. He proceeded to track down another gang of criminals to the car wash in Flatbush, and he killed all of them. 

Shortly after, the UL Paper contact called Niko, telling him that they found Darko Brevic and had dropped him off at the cargo area of the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Niko called Roman, telling him that he wanted to pick him up. Niko picked Roman up from Coney Island in a taxi cab, and they drove to the airport to confront Darko. Darko was thrown out of the back of a van and left there for Niko, and Niko confronted him. Darko said that he sold out his friends for only $1,000, and Niko planned to kill him. However, he found out that Darko was a drug addict who needed the money, and he was suffering by living. Roman told Niko that he did not seem to enjoy life too much, so Niko decided to let Darko live. As Niko left, Darko wondered where he was, and Niko told Roman in the taxi to Brucie's place that he let him live because nothing would change. Niko dropped Roman off at Brucie's, and he told Roman that he needed to be alone, but he thanked Roman for being with him. 

Terrence Carney

Niko headed to the Red Hook docks next to the Platypus cargo ship and killed a few criminals there, dealing more justice. Next, he headed to Downtown Brooklyn next to the overpass, killing some more gangsters as well as two cops that tried to hinder his escape. He was injured while trying to take down some Jamaican gangsters on Mohanet Avenue in Red Hook, but when he recovered, he successfully subdued the African-American gangster Terrence Carney by hitting him with a car as he tried to flee on Kid Street in Brighton Beach on foot. 

Some days later, Pegorino called Niko and said that "the shit has come down", telling him to meet him at his club in Elizabeth. However, Niko decided to be a vigilante first, tracking down several criminals at night. Two of them accidentally blew themselves up while trying to throw grenades at Niko, and he did not have to fight them. However, he stumbled upon several criminals under Union Drive West in Harlem, killing all of the Angels of Death in front of their clubhouse. The next day, he killed Charlie Talamo in an alleyway in Times Square, later revisiting the same spot to kill Benny Digioia. He was wounded on a few occasions while hunting down criminals, but he resumed his streak by killing Chun Wudong in an East Village alleyway while Johnny Rigo was killed by Niko in a Lower East Side alleyway. Niko and one cop teamed up to kill Joey O'Houlihan in Times Square, killed Tang Cho-il and Park An-ling's gang of Koreans in Greenwich Village, and engaged in a shootout with police that led to him being wounded when he tried to jump from a bridge to the river but hit the pavement instead.