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Patrick O'Donnell

O'Donnell Mob was an Irish-American and Italian-American organized crime syndicate was founded by Patrick O'Donnell in 1920s links to the Chicago Outfit.Formerly based in Chicago, they attempted move to NYC but they are wiped out by Corleone crime family. O'Donnell Mob was rival of Corleone, Barzini and Stracci crime families.


Mob was started by Patrick O'Donnell in 1920s and were responsible for racketeering, illegal gambling, prostitution, arms trafficking, murder, fencing, exortion, assasult, smuggling, bribery and narcotics Boss Patrick O'Donnell was sly boss, Patrick O'Donnell was conections with Al Capone; O'Donnells are tried move to NYC Connected with Chicago Outfit.However, Patrick was thrown off a building by Rival Corleone Soldier Aldo Trapani, who wanted to protect Corleone interests from O'Donnell Mob. Shortly after, the O'Donnells went to war with Stracci crime family. Ray and James Scaleri were assasianated by Aldo Trapani, taking advantage of war. With their members died, O'Donnell Mob was defunct. their amblem is Purple ''P''. Purple ''P'' is reffering Patrick O' Donnell.