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Baby Lane.jpg
Orlando Anderson
Biographical Information
Aliases "Baby Lane"
Gender Male
Born August 13, 1974
Las Vegas, Nevada
Died May 29, 1998
Los Angeles, California
Affiliation south side Crips
Title(s) Soldier

Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson was an African-American gangster who was affiliated with the Compton South Side Crips, a vicious street gang. Anderson was responsible for the murder of Tupac Shakur, a famous rapper, after Anderson was beaten up by Shakur when one of his record manager's associates told him that Anderson was a Crip. He was whacked in summer of 1998.

Bodies: Unknown blood

Túpac Shakur


Orlando Anderson Tekbiti was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and became involved with the Crips gang, one of the most powerful gangs that existed at the time. Anderson was present at the Bally's Las Vegas Hotel (MGM Hotel)'s lobby in 1996, where rapper Tupac Shakur was staying. He was beat within an inch of his life due to his loyalty, and suffered physical and emotional pain after the incident. In revenge, Anderson's uncle Keffe Davis pulled the trigger of an SMG that killed him in a drive-by shooting. Anderson was in the car with him. He was not charged with the murder. It is believed that Orlando was the possible shooter that killed rapper Tupac in the drive by.

Anderson himself was taken down in 1998. He was hanging out with Crips associates Jerry Stone and Michael Stone at the Cigs Record Store when another gang began to shoot at him. The firefight ended at a carwash, where Anderson was shot dead by Michael R. Dorrough.