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Pacification of New York
Pacification of New York
Date: 1934-1937
Place: New York, United States
Outcome: Corleone victory

Trapani.png Corleone crime family

Black Hand
Irish Mob
Mariposa crime family
Various gangs and families


Vito Corleone
Santino Corleone
Luca Brasi

Giuseppe Mariposa
O'Rourke Brothers

The Pacification of New York was a period of warfare that took place from 1934 to 1937, in which Don Vito Corleone took over the holdout gangs and families that rivaled the other families in The Commission and conflicted with the Italian Mafia's interests. At the end, the result was the Five Families, the five too powerful to be destroyed.


Vito Corleone spent the first year meeting with different chiefs of gangs in New York, laying the groundwork, sounding them out, proposing spheres of influence that would be honored by a loosely bound confederated council which would eventually led to the establishment of the Commission. But there were too many factions, too many special interests that conflicted. Agreement was impossible. Like other great rulers and lawgivers in history Don Corleone decided that order and peace were impossible until the number of reigning states had been reduced to a manageable number.

There were five or six families too powerful to eliminate. But the rest, the neighborhood Black Hand terrorists, the free-lance shylocks, the strong-arm bookmakers operating without the proper, that is to say paid, protection of the legal authorities, would have to go. And so he mounted what was in effect a colonial war against these people and threw all the resources of the Corleone organization against them.


Vito Corleone's first natural enemy was the powerful Mariposa crime family, which was led by Giuseppe Mariposa, a mobster from Castellammare del Golfo who had control of Brooklyn and most of eastern Manhattan. From Little Italy, Vito Corleone expanded against them and eliminated many of their soldati, and Mariposa hired the O'Rourke Brothers gang, made up of Irish stick-up artists, to assassinate him. One of them suicidally shot through Corleone's defensive cordon and put a shot into his chest before being riddled with bullets. Luca Brasi immediately killed the rest of them, and Caporegime Sonny Corleone took over and led his own regime in a series of hits against rival made men. His men used brutal executions to put the enemies back in line, but Brasi's cruelty eclipsed that of Sonny; he even had his own baby thrown in a furnace because he did not want to have a child, for the sake of the Earth. 

With the elimination of the Irish gang, the Corleones next pursued the Mariposas, with Tomasino Cinquemani and Salvatore Tessio killing Giuseppe Mariposa at a meeting. The death of Mariposa resulted in the creation of the Barzini crime family by his Caporegimes Emilio Barzini and Ettore Barzini, the last of the Five Families to be formed. The Barzini Brothers took over Midtown while the Corleones amde a base in Little Italy, the Tattaglia crime family in Brooklyn, and Stracci crime family in New Jersey. The Cuneo crime family took over Hell's Kitchen from the Westies after a vicious mob war. By 1939 New York had fallen to only a select few families; the rest were gone forever.