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Paul Fortunato
Paul Fortunato
Biographical Information
Aliases Paulie
Gender Male
Born August 7, 1910
Messina, Sicily, Italy
Died September 11, 1979
Midtown, NYC
Affiliation Barzini Barzini
Title(s) Capo
Paul Fortunato was a Sicilian born-American crime boss who was the Boss of the Barzini crime family from 1955 to 1979. He was formerly a Capo in the Barzini family, but became Don, since Underboss Emilio Barzini, Jr. and consigliere Domenico Mazza had already passed away. He died in 1979 during the Atlantic City Massacre.

Biography Edit

Paolo Fortunato was born in Messina, in a very poor family of fishermans. They immigrated to America in 1912, and Fortunato grew up in Midtown. Fortunato became friends with future Barzini consigliere Domenico Mazza, as both were in the same grade school. In 1934, after being a soldier for the Barzini crime syndicate, he recommended Mazza as consigliere to Don Emilio Barzini, as he was a fine lawyer. Fortunato took part in the Five Families War of 1946~1955, becoming the Don of the Barzini Family after Barzini, his son and heir, and Mazza were killed. In early 1956, the war ended with the bombing of the family compoud in northern Midtown, and Fortunato became the closest thing that the Corleones could call an enemy, as they were in peace. Fortunato agreed to take part in the drug trade and the weakened Barzini family began to prosper once more. In 1958, he invested in business deals in Cuba alongside Hyman Roth, Louie Russo, and Vincent Forlenza. However, he lost over five million US dollars when the Cuban Revolution devastated the casino business in Cuba, as the pro-mafia government collapsed. Fortunato soon found no choice but to become more of an ally of the Corleones after Roth was murdered in 1960, and he supported the Corleones against the Tramonti crime family when they began plans to assassinate John F. Kennedy, the US President, in 1963. They failed, and he was murdered. Fortunato ran the family business until 1979, when he was gunned down by a helicopter attack at Atlantic City that eliminated the Commission's old guard.