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Paul Morales
Paul Morales
Biographical Information
Aliases Eyepatch
Gender Male
Born 1904
Chapopan, Mexico
Died 1959
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Granados Granados crime family
Title(s) Soldier
Paul Morales was a Soldier in the Granados crime family, a Mexican-American criminal who was on the FBI's Most Wanted List after escaping from prison five times. Morales was the main buttonman of the Granados Family, taking part in nearly all of their criminal offensives. He was assassinated in 1959 during the Granados War with the Corleone crime family.

Biography Edit

Paul Morales was born in Mexico to an extremely-poor family, who were saved by Rico Granados' human smuggling ring that brought them to Miami. Morales was arrested while mugging a woman in the streets of Biscayne, but escaped from prison after a shootout and became a Soldato in the Granados crime family afterwards. He was arrested four more times in his life and escaped each time, so Rico Granados gave him a crew of bodyguards to make sure that nobody would arrest him, and he was one of the Granados Soldati sent out on the streets to intimidate shopkeepers in order to get protection money. 

In 1959, with the war with the Trapani crime family Miami Faction, Morales took part in an attack on Basso Oil Express which led him to be hospitalized for a few days, as he was riddled with Thompson sub-machine gun bullets, and was out of commission, told to lay low. When he recovered, he was sent to attack Lansky's Deli but was injured with a shot to the head, and wounded again in an attack on SaniCo Truck Depot, shot many times in the chest.

Death Edit

At Basso Oil Fill & Co, he was stabbed in the back of the head with a knife by Jimmy Lira, Dominic's top man.