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Paul "The Invisible Don" Sindacco was the founder and boss of the Sindacco crime family in the 1970s until 1998, when he was assassinated for putting a sting on Salvatore Leone


Sindacco was born in Las Vegas'his family was from sicily ustica neighborhood of Whitewood Estates to miner Vincenzo Sindacco and his wife Maria Forletta. Sindacco was the police officer from 1962 until he became mafia boss in 1978 on his father 's natural death. Sindacco participated in the gambling operations of the Italian Mafia in Las Vegas, proposing the construction of several casinos in Las Vegas and New York. Sindacco also invested in whorehouses and rackets and made lots of money, and also fought with other gangs for power in New York, taking over several businesses in Brooklyn. Sindacco made an alliance with the Leone crime family and married Salvatore Leone's daugher Constanzia to consolidate the bond. Sindacco got into warfare with the Forelli crime family and became known as "The Invisible Don" because he was never seen during the warfare and was good at keeping his head down.

In 1992 he got into turf warfare with the Forellis after they attempted to kill his son Johnny Sindacco and the Leones and Sindaccos reduced the Forellis to a mere gang known as the Forelli Brothers. Sindacco later fought the Leones in 1998 in a vicious gang war that left Joseph Daniel O'Toole and many other gangsters dead, and in return, he arranged for the arrest of Salvatore Leone, who ordered Caporegime Toni Cipriani to kill him.


Sindacco attempted to leave on a motorboat to escape New York while Leone was hauled into prison. Sindacco was chased by a car along the Hudson River while he was on his boat, and was ambushed by Cipriani, who blew up his boat with an RPG.