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Pete Casella
Peter Casella
Biographical Information
Aliases Petey
Gender Male
Died 1984
Florida, America
Affiliation Bruno crime family
Testa crime family
Title(s) Consigliere
Peter Casella was an Underboss for the Bruno crime family during the 1980s. He took part in the murder of kingpin Philip Testa, conspiring with the other underboss, Chickie Narducci to kill him in 1981. Casella fled to Florida, dying of natural causes.

Biography Edit

Peter Casella was born in Philadelphia of Italian ancestry, being raised in the territory of the Bruno crime family. By 1981, he was the underboss of the Philadelphia family, along with Chickie Narducci. After the murder of Bruno crime boss Angelo Bruno, Casella and Narducci attempted to become the new Don of Bruno's criminal organization. Casella and Narducci killed the new don, Philip Testa, before fleeing to Florida. Narducci was murdered in Philadelphia in 1982. Casella lived in Florida with his daughter until his death in 1984.