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FBI Agent
Peter Johnson
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 5, 1907
Richmond, Virginia
Died September 15, 1950
Midtown, NYC
Affiliation FBI
Title(s) FBI Agent
Peter Johnson was an FBI operative with the assignment to kill or capture mobster Aldo Trapani, having been an experienced agent. He was shot three times in the chest, arm, and forehead, ending his mission (and his alleged mission for the Barzini crime family).

Biography Edit

Johnson was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1907. In 1932, he became an FBI agent after being on the police force briefly. He moved to New York City in 1936, where he quickly became suspected of being a contact of Don Emilio Barzini, one of the many ruthless mob bosses that ran the city. Johnson was put on trial before a grand jury in 1945 on charges of corruption, but fortunately, Barzini bribed the juries and thus resumed his work "pursuing organized crime in New York City". In 1950, he was paid by the Barzini family to request appointment as the man who would lead a team of FBI agents to murder or apprehend Aldo Trapani, a gangster of the Corleone crime family who had been blowing up buildings, killing several mobsters and innocents, and had killed almost one hundred police officers. Johnson was accepted, and went on his mission to kill him.

He attempted to follow him in Midtown, disguised as an ordinary citizen. But Trapani paid off his team member Sterling Adams to reveal his identity, and Trapani shot him several times with a .38 Snub Nose revolver. He was hit in the torso, right arm, and his head, killing him instantly. The FBI covered up his death, refusing to acknowledge the fact that an FBI agent had been in public, armed and dangerous, attempting to kill a man who was nonchalantly walking down the streets in a crowded place.