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Philadelphia Mob War
Date: 1980-1984
Place: Philadelphia
Provocation: Death of Angelo Bruno
Outcome: Scarfo victory
Major Battles: *Death of Antonio Caponigro
*Death of Philip Testa
*Death of Frank Narducci
*Death of Frank Marinucchi
*Death of Rocco Marinucchi

Bruno crime family
Testa crime family
Scarfo crime family

Rebel factions
Kondonyanis crime family


Angelo Bruno
Philip Testa
Nicodemo Scarfo

Antonio Caponigro
Chickie Narducci
Peter Casella

The Philadelphia War was a mob war between the Bruno crime family and its loyalists, and various splintergroups that emerged after Angelo Bruno's murder. In the end, all of the dissenters were killed.

War Edit

Angelo Bruno was the Don of the Bruno crime family, which ran Philadelphia ever since 1911. He was involved in drug trafficking, and various other criminal activities that turned Philadelphia into a criminal paradise. In 1980, he began to argue with his consigliere Antonio Caponigro over the meth trade, and Caponigro had him murdered. However, The Commission did not sanction the hit, so they ordered Caponigro to be put away as well. Philip Testa, one of Bruno's made men, became the Boss of the Testa crime family, replacing the Bruno organization. The Testa family was weak, and Philip was known to be a brutal don. His Underbosses Peter Casella and Frank "Chickie" Narducci conspired against him, hoping to become don, and they killed him with a bomb in March 1981. After the March 15 bombing, the Scarfo crime family replaced the Testas and fought to kill the traitors. They eventually killed Narducci and the Marinucchi Brothers, after a bloody mob war in which 30 mobsters were killed.