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Phillip Giotti
Phillip Giotti
Biographical Information
Aliases Eyeball
Gender Male
Born April 16, 1921
Dodge Island, Florida
Died 1959
Flamingo, Florida
Affiliation TR Tony Rosato crime family
Title(s) Capo
Phillip "Eyeball" Giotti was a Capo in Tony Rosato's criminal organization from 1958 to 1959, when he was killed by the Corleone crime family.

Biography Edit

Giotti was born in Miami, Florida, to Italian immigrants who came from Marsala. He had a run-in with the law in 1946, failing to rob a bank. He escaped the police in a long firefight, in which he lost two of his accomplices and his eye, gaining the nickname "eyeball". Giotti was recruited by Tony Rosato, a mob boss from NYC, and became a Capo and Consigliere in his organization, presiding over the family's territory in Flamingo. He hung out at the Corman Drive-In Theater, where he purchased bodyguards to defend him while he laid low. However, Sergio Garces, a Cuban-American citizen of Miami, turned him in as a favor to Dominic, an enemy of the Rosato Brothers, revealing his location. Dominic killed his five bodyguards before throwing him off of a balcony in the field near the theater. His death caused the collapse of the Tony Rosato family's power structure in Flamingo, which fell as a result of his murder.