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Phillip "Philly Spoons" Parisi was a Soldier in the Soprano crime family. He was an acting Caporegime as of 2000, and commanded his own sub-crew. Parisi was killed in March 2000 for spreading rumors that Tony Soprano attempted to suffocate his mother, which was really factual gossip.


He was the twin brother of Patsy Parisi and cousin of Tony Soprano. Parisi was originally a Soldato but rose to the rank of Caporegime, leading his own crew. In 2000, he started spreading rumors about Tony trying to suffocate his own mother Livia, and Tony found out, and ordered his death. He sent Gigi Cestone to kill him.


Gigi Cestone was driven to the airport with a bag, and Parisi was informed that he returned from Boston. After entering Parisi's 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis, Parisi let Cestone in on the gossip, and when they arrived, Cestone shot Parisi in the head, and ran to his car in front of his house, driving away. His death was said to be a carjacking attempt by the NJPD.