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Joseph Civello

Joseph Civello, Dallas crime family boss

The Pirano crime family, also known as the Dallas crime family, is an Italian Mafia family that operates from Dallas, Texas, but also has connections in Louisiana.

History Edit

The Pirano crime family was created by Carlo Pirano and Joseph Pirano in 1903 in Dallas, where they founded a gang, which would gain fame as the owners of a drive-in in Havana, plus casinos there and back in the United States. Joseph Civello became Don in 1956, and after his death, the FBI listed the family as inactive in 1970. However, Joseph Ianni became Don for three years, before Capo Joseph Campisi became boss.

Family Edit

Don: Carlo Pirano

Underboss: Joseph Pirano

Capos: Joseph Civello, Joseph Campisi, and Joseph Ianni

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