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Ralph Cifaretto.jpg
Ralph Cifaretto
Biographical Information
Aliases Ralphie
Gender Male
Born October 29, 1957
Newark, New Jersey
Died February 22, 2003
Newark, New Jersey
Affiliation Soprano crime family
Title(s) Capo

Ralph Cifaretto was a Caporegime in the Soprano crime family, who was put in charge of Richard Aprile's crew after his disappearance. Cifaretto was killed because he accidentally killed Tony Soprano's horse Pie-O-My in a fire in his stable that was meant to pay off his son's medical bills with insurance, and rebuked him for his sadness.


Cifaretto grew up in New Jersey with Tony Soprano, Giacomo Aprile, Sr., and Silvio Dante, all of whom would be the bosses of the Soprano family. Cifaretto wanted to be an architect but dropped out of high school in Sophomore year because of his mother's death, as he had to raise his brothers and sisters. Cifaretto then became a Soldato in Aprile's organization and was sent to Florida to manage the family business there; he did not move up like his peers because he did not participate in the robbery of Feech la Manna's card game like the others did. While in Miami, he developed a cocaine addiction and had violent outbursts that were constantly criticized. 

In the summer of 2000, he returned to New Jersey following Richard Aprile's disappearance, but because he was obnoxious and insubordinate, he was passed over by Gigi Cestone as Capo. However, he was reluctantly made Captain following Cestone's heart attack and death in his social club. Afterwards, relations with Tony Soprano worsened, especially when he remarked "I'm a made guy!" to Soprano after he beat him for getting a prostitute at Bada Bing pregnant. He also only cared for his racehorse Pie-O-My because of the money she made while Soprano fell in love with the hose, and hired a veterinarian to care for her.


Cifaretto is chopped up

When Cifaretto's son Justin was hit with an arrow while playing with a bow-and-arrow, Cifaretto decided to gather insurance money to pay for the medical bill of $200,000. He burnt down the horse stable in his yard, killing Pie-O-My and causing Tony to confront him. Tony knocked out Ralph using kitchen appliances and told Christopher Moltisanti to chop up the man's dead body, burying the pieces in a distant farm and dumping the rest in a river.

Vito Spatafore succeeded him as Capo and in 2006, it was merged with the Altieri Crew.