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Richie's Tavern ambush
Richie's Tavern ambush
Conflict: Carmine Rosato's Rebellion
Date: February 15-16, 1959
Place: Richie's Tavern, Triboro, New York City
Outcome: NYPD victory


Trapani Trapani crime family
CR Carmine Rosato's Syndicate


NYPD Sergeant Douglas Hughes

Trapani Dominic
Trapani Frank Pentangeli
CR Carmine Rosato
CR Dennis Davizzi
CR Alvin Datini


30 NYPD officers

Trapanis: 4 mobsters
Carmine Rosato: 3 mobsters



Trapanis: 1 severely wounded
Carmine Rosato: 2 killed

The Richie's Tavern ambush was an NYPD raid on a meeting between Carmine Rosato and Frank Pentangeli at Richie's Tavern in Triboro, Queens. Rosato strangulated Pentangeli, but Pentangeli survived due to the intervention of NYPD officer Douglas Hughes, who entered the bar. The NYPD chased Dominic over the rooftops of Richie's Tavern until he vaulted into his apartment window, while Rosato fled to his compound in Astoria.

Background Edit

In 1959, a mob war began between Carmine Rosato's Family and the Corleone/Clemenza family when Carmine Rosato, a Capo under Aldo Trapani, left the family following Trapani's death and Frank Pentangeli's refusal to grant him territory in The Bronx, like his late predecessor Peter Clemenza promised. Trapani Don Dominic murdered Carmine Rosato Soldier Franklin Credi, starting an official mob war. Next, he murdered Capo Norman Rossi, and took over several of Carmine Rosato's businesses. Carmine Rosato, claiming that he had no control over his street enforcers, called Dominic's apartment and asked for a sitdown at Richie's Tavern to apologize for his failed attack on Sweet Life Bakery and to make peace.

When Dominic and Pentangeli met with Rosato, Carmine Rosato's soldier Dennis Davizzi and his enforcer Alvin Datini tried to murder Dominic and Pentangeli with garrote wires, but NYPD officer Douglas Hughes entered the tavern for a drink, and intervened. Rosato pushed him out of the way and tried to escape through the streets, starting a gunfight.

Battle Edit

Davizzi and Datini were shot dead by Dominic , but not before incapacitating Pentangeli with their stranglehold. Dominic fled on the rooftops, covered by his enforcers who were in the back room of the tavern, as well as his soldiers Jimmy Lira and Bill Bardi. He exchanged shots with the NYPD as he jumped roof to roof, until he vaulted through the window of his safehouse, breaking the glass but escaping the police.

Battle Edit