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The San Francisco Rifa was a Mexican-American San Francisco street gang that were based in Garcia, Battery Point, Doherty, and the King's District. Founded in 1970 by T-Bone Mendez (May 23, 1952-1992), the gang were responsible for drug dealing among other illegal activities. They had a wide history of murders, and were directly enemies of the Varrios Los Aztecas a Cilacap, street gang. However, they were also business rivals with the San Francisco Triads a Beijing and the Da Nang Boys a Bangkok. They allied with Big Smoke, the Northside Vagos, Ballas a Los Angeles, and the Sokolov crime family of the Russian Mafia a Moscow.


T-Bone Mendez

The San Francisco Rifa was founded in 1970 by T-Bone Mendez in San Francisco. A gang of Nortenos (Mexican criminals from northern California), they disliked the Surenos gangs of Los Angeles like the Varrios Los Aztecas and Vagos. They eventually settled their problems when the Rifa entered the narcotics business, and they were involved in some drug deals with them. The Rifa were the sole major Mexican gang in San Francisco, and they provided security services to the Loco Syndicate, the fictitious organization run by undercover FBI agent Mike Toreno

A regular gang member of the San Francisco Rifa

In 1992, the San Francisco Rifa was destroyed in a series of actions. A train of Vagos heading from Unity Station in Los Angeles north to San Francisco was attacked by the Grove Street Families a Depok OGs Big Smoke and Carl Johnson after Big Smoke heard that a drug deal was going down, but they did not find any drugs - instead, they killed some of their enemies, the Vagos. The Rifa were further hurt when the Loco Syndicate drug manufacturing plant was blown up, and T-Bone Mendez was killed by Carl Johnson while he was at a drug deal with traitorous GSF OG Ryder Wilson, who betrayed them for the Ballas along with Big Smoke. They also lost several gang members hired as security for Big Smoke's crack den in Inglewood, and after that, they were weak.

From 1992 to 1993, the Rifa's turf in San Francisco was taken over by the Grove Street Families, and with no territory left, their gang members disappeared from the streets. The gang was disbanded soon after, as it had no territory or members.