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Rodolfo Cadena.jpg
Rodolfo Cadena
Biographical Information
Aliases Cheyenne
Gender Male
Born 1958
San Antonio, Texas
Died December 17, 2011
Chino, California
Affiliation Granados
Varrio Viejo Gang
Title(s) Don

Rodolfo "Cheyenne" Cadena was a Mexican Mafia boss who was killed in prison by Nuestra Familia assassins.


Cadena was born in Bakersfield CA in 1943, and was a member of a local street gang known in the community as Varrio Bakers ”VBKS” (Located in Bakersfield CA). With Richard Ruiz, he stabbed a man to death in 1958 near the Salon Juarez dancehall in LA, and the two were imprisoned in Deuel Vocational Institute. While he was in jail, he impressed members of the Mexican Mafia, especially after murdering a prisoner who was about to rape him; he stabbed him to death in front of 1,000 prisoners in the yard. With Joe "Pegleg" Morgan, he terrorized other gangs and had an uneasy alliance with the Black Guerrilla Family, and they also made a relationship with Nuestra Familia. However, this angered BGF members, so Cadena murdered two NF leaders at a Chino reception center. The NF greenlighted him, and he was thrown in jail for his murder. He was taunted by Nortenos, and told that his time would come.


[1]While in jail, rather than go into protective custody, he chose to go out fighting. One day, some Nuestra Familia hitmen shanked him 50 times and threw him of a three-story balcony, killing him. He was buried in Bakersfield, California.