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Salvatore Boca.png
Salvatore Boca
Biographical Information
Aliases Sal
Gender Male
Born 1936
USA.png Brooklyn, New York City
Died 1971
USA.png Ward's Island, New York City
Affiliation Italian Mafia
Jewish Mob
Charnier syndicate
Title(s) Associate

Salvatore "Sal" Boca was an Italian-American mobster who was involved in the "French Connection", the plot by the Italian Mafia to smuggle drugs into the United States through France.


Salvatore Boca was born to an Italian-American family, and Boca became an associate of the American Mafia. He was arrested for armed robbery and murder before, and he later married a nineteen-year-old named Angie, who had a record for shoplifting. They owned "Sal and Angie's", a modest candy and newspaper store, but Boca was secretly friends with members of the Jewish Mob and planned to distribute French heroin on the streets for millions of dollars alongside his Jewish business partner Joel Weinstock. One night, NYPD detectives Jimmy Doyle and Buddy Russo decided to tail Salvatore for fun after they identified him as a "frog" and the man next to him as a Jewish criminal, and they found out that he had convictions. They later found out that he met a bearded man, whom they found out to be French heroin smuggler Alain Charnier. Eventually, they tracked them down to Ward's Island, where they would make a drug deal at a factory where Salvatore's brother Lou Boca worked. 

The NYPD blocked the bridge off after tracking the car used to transport the drugs, and when Boca was leaving in the car with Charnier, he found a large police blockade. He drove back to the factory, where the police besieged him. There was some gunfire before the police used a grenade launcher to hurl a smoke grenade in between the gunmen and the cops, obscuring their vision and temporarily halting the gunfire. Boca tried to flee out of a window, but Russo caught him. Boca refused to put his hands up, and Russo shot him twice with his shotgun, killing him.

Boca has little living relatives, but they are still residing in New Jersey. Some immediate living relatives include Bilodeau, Loguidice, and others.