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The San Francisco Triads are a Chinese criminal organization in San Francisco that were founded in 1950 by Ran Fa Li, a Chinese immigrant from Hong Kong who took advantage of San Francisco's high Chinese population to recruit several men into his Triad family. Ran Fa Li's death in 1993 led to Wu Zi Mu taking over the organization as Godfather. It was divided into several sets: the Red Gecko Tong, Mountain Cloud Boys, Blood Feather Triads, and many more. They were not associated with Uncle Fu's Gang like some people may infer. The Triads were allies with the Grove Street Families and Varrios Los Aztecas and were enemies with the Da Nang Boys, Ballas, Leone crime family, Forelli crime family, Sindacco crime family, Rifa, Loco Syndicate, and Vagos.


Ran Fa Li

The Triads were founded by Ran Fa Li, also known as "Farlie", in San Francisco after he emigrated from Hong Kong, China, during the Chinese Civil War. Ran Fa Li built up a crime ring around illegal street racing and gambling, while also extorting local shops and rackets. The Triads attacked the businesses owned by the Lanza crime family and the Rifa, taking over lots of turf. Eventually, they were uncontrollably large and were divided into several sets, the top three being the Red Gecko Tong, Mountain Cloud Boys, and the Blood Feather Triads. The Triads were led by one Godfather, who was Ran Fa Li until his death in 1993. Afterwards, their leader was Wu Zi Mu, who had committed the Caligula's Casino Heist in 1992, in the Triad-Mafia War. During this conflict, they kidnapped Johnny Sindacco, who later died of a heart attack after seeing his kidnapper Carl Johnson come to him. The Triads are some of the strongest gangs in the San Francisco area.

Triads Capo

The Triads have a structure almost identical to that of the Italian Mafia, as well as the rule where initiated members must be 100% of their race; in their case, it was Chinese. The Triads were ironically at war with them in the 1990s and also fought some tough Los Angeles street gangs. Their main enemy, however, were the Da Nang Boys, a Vietnamese criminal organization who had arrived in 1975, made up of South Vietnam emigres to the United States. They killed The Snakehead in the Triad-Da Nang Boys War and left their enemies severely weakened.

Members, 1992[]

Boss: Ran Fa Li

Underboss: Wu Zi Mu

Consigliere: Su Xi Mu

Caporegimes: Guppy