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Sindacco Family enforcers

The Sindacco crime family is a crime syndicate of the Sicilian Mafia, which controlled most of Las Vegas and parts of New York City. The Sindaccos took over Las Vegas after the fall of the Forelli crime family, and became involved in Caligula's Casino, a new casino that the Leone crime family also invested in. The two families went to war, and in 1998, Don Paulie Sindacco was murdered and the family remained only in Las Vegas.


The Sindacco crime family was founded in 1921, led by Don Paulie Sindacco, (1892 - 1998) Who was coming from the city of Monreale, the province of Palermo, Sicily investing in Las Vegas casinos. They became rivals of the Corleone crime family, the Leone crime family, and the Forelli crime family, who also invested in the casino business. The Sindaccos took power from the Forellis after Sonny Forelli died in 1986, but got arrogant, and the Leone crime family took over several businesses. In 1992, to prevent a gang war, the Grove Street Families of Los Angeles murdered Sindacco Underboss Johnny Sindacco, and the Sindaccos retaliated against Carl Johnson, a GSF hitman, but war was averted.

In 1998, gang warfare broke out between the Leones and Sindaccos, and Tony Cipriani murdered Paulie Sindacco, and the Sindaccos fled New York City, since their leader was killed. They returned to Las Vegas, led by Don Peter Barone, the Underboss of the Sindaccos after Johnny was murdered. They remain in Las Vegas, although their presence is far weaker than in 1992.


Don: Paulie Sindacco

Underboss: Johnny Sindacco

Soldati: Mickey Conetta