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Solomon Richards
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Solomon Richards is an American businessman from Los Angeles, California.


Solomon Richards was the son of Jewish-American film director David Richards, who was charged with the murder of Hollywood actress Leonora Johnson. Following in the footsteps of his father, Richards directed a large variety of films that started in the 1960s and continued until the 2010s, when he planned to retire. Richards used to have three secretaries, but he had to make his own coffee and had a great home. He was contacted by Devin Weston about Michael De Santa, and Michael needed to help him retiring from the film business. In 2013 he started a movie set in NYC, called "Meltdown", where he would take a look at the financial crisis that would turn out to be a battle between two yuppies. However, leading actor Milton Maclroy's agent Rocco Pelosi held up Milton's shooting as second role until he would get paid more. Michael visited him at nighttime at his mansion, offering help to him. Solomon told him about the problem with Rocco, so Michael volunteered to help him. He told Michael to take the actors Anton Beaudelaire and Milton back to the set without alerting or killing Rocco. Solomon got Anton and Milton back and Solomon gave Michael a shout for an associate producer.  

Soon, Rocco and his friend Gianni started beating on Solomon over some paperwork, and fortunately for him, Michael arrived just in time. Michael got into a yellow Hummer and pursued the two, and shot them both on the Great Ocean Highway in Pacific Bluffs. He wanted to show Michael something back at the studio, and he showed him his name in the credits of his movie. Michael felt that he had done something and thanked Solomon.

Soon, he found out that Devin Weston wanted to pull the plug on him and steal the insurance money. Molly Schultz, an agent of Weston, planned on taking the film off the shore to a remote place to get the insurance for the film. Michael arrived at that time and pursued Molly to the airport to prevent her from taking his (he was the producer) film away. De Santa pursued Molly to the airport, where she was sucked into a jet turbine and chopped to pieces, and De Santa stole the film back.

When it was released, it had mixed reviews, but was high-grossing, and Richards and De Santa's partnership succeeded.