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Santino "Sonny" LoSpecchio was an Italian-American crime boss who had territory in The Bronx, in New York City. He was murdered in 1968.


LoSpecchio was from an Italian family His grandparents were from Apuliain New York City, and when he was a young man, he became involved in organized crime. He met Jimmy "Whispers", who became his main man, his Caporegime. By the 1960s, he became treated like a god by the people of The Bronx, especially the Italian-American community. In 1960,. a man pounding Carmine Pesci's car's windows. Sonny kills the man A child named Calogero Anello, who idolized him and who witnessed the murder, said "no" to the detectives when they asked if he was the one who shot the man, as well as saying "no" to all of the other suspects. He offered Lorenzo Anello, the boy's father, $150 a week as a reward, but he refused. He met the kid face-to-face, and offered him a job serving out drinks at his bar. He was warned to stay away from Calogero by Lorenzo, but in 1968, a seventeen year-old Calogero began hanging out with Sonny again, secretly. He killed a group of hippie bikers who wanted to destroy his bar, beating them down, while other mobsters used baseball bats, pipes, glasses, and other weapons to also kill them. After this, he barked at the Deuces Wild gang, which Calogero was a part of, for selling guns, telling them to stop it unless they wanted to get arrested. He lent his advice and car to Calogero for a date with his black girlfriend, Jane Williams a little while after this, but told him to do the "door test": dump her, and move onto the other two of the only "three great women" of men's lives. He got mad at Calogero after he believed that he planted a bomb in his car, but recognized his innocence after Calogero professed how he idolized him.


Later in 1968, he was murdered. The son of the man he had murdered in 1960, with a gun , shot him in the back of the head in his bar with a handgun, and his girlfriends called an ambulance. He was pronounced dead that night, and his family attended his funeral, and nobody really cared, except for Calogero, Lorenzo, and Carmine. And also cologero dad