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Steven Ciccoricco
Steven Ciccoricco
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Roth Syndicate
Jewish Mob
Title(s) Soldato
Steven Ciccoricco was an Italian-American soldato of Hyman Roth.

Biography Edit

Ciccoricco was a long-time soldato and childhood friend of Hyman Roth, who was there at his golf club and was good friends with him. He was present at the Havana Conference of 1958. He was Roth's main buttonman and worked for him in infiltrating the Granados crime family gun running rackets but was caught and held hostage by Granados Soldato Wilfredo Agultar, so Roth could not do anything about the Granados advance. They said that they would pour him into concrete, but he overheard that the Granados were smuggling men and arms into the city.

Dominic was sent by Roth to free him, and he snuck up to the top of the building, killing all of the Granados. Ciccoricco called Roth and returned to Roth's empire.