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Cheng Jr..png
Tao Cheng
Biographical Information
Aliases Cheng, Jr.
Gender Male
Born December 1, 1987
Yangshan, China
Affiliation Cheng Triad
Title(s) Underboss

Tao Cheng, Jr., also known as Cheng Jr., was the Underboss of the Cheng Triad, son of Wei Cheng, also known as Cheng, Sr. He headed to Blaine County, California (with a translator), where he got high on drugs, which he was supposed to be dealing. He eventually made a business partnership with Trevor Phillips, but it failed.


Tao Cheng was born in Yangshan to Wei Cheng, but moved to Los Angeles in California for meth operations. He spoke no English, so he had to hire a humble translator. In 2013, he started getting high on meth, and moved into Blaine County. He hoped to make a relationship with Trevor Phillips, who cooked meth. However, both were thrown in a freezer when news came that the Varrios Los Aztecas were going to attack the meth kitchen which they were touring. Phillips and Chef held off the eses, as the two were stuck together in the meanwhile. They were released when the gun battle was done, and they drove away, saying that they had seen enough.

When Trevor visited him again at the inn, the translator told him that he had already made a deal with the O'Neil Brothers, and that their business opportunity had perished. In revenge, Trevor killed all but three of the O'Neil Brothers in a farm shootout, and he blew up their meth lab.


In 2019 he became the owner of the Diamond Casino and Resort in Los Angeles.