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Third Cuneo War
New York 1945
Date: 1950
Place: NYC
Outcome: Corleone victory
Major Battles: *Battle of the Corleone Compound
*Caruso! Raid
*Battle of Holden Holdings (2nd)
*Battle of Holden Warehouse

Corleone Corleone crime family

Cuneo Cuneo crime family


Corleone Vito Corleone
Corleone Santino Corleone
Corleone Aldo Trapani

Cuneo Carmine Cuneo
Cuneo Dino de Martini
Cuneo Dario Cicco

The Third Cuneo War was a mob war that lasted throughout the year 1950, between the Corleone crime family, and their rivals, the Cuneo crime family. The war began with a failed Cuneo attack on the Corleone compound, and ended in the extortion of Artie Manzanero.

History Edit

The Cuneo family took part in the Five Families War because of the murder of Virgil Sollozzo by Michael Corleone, causing an end to the narcotics trade and thus their source of most of their income. The Cuneos attacked the Corleones' turf from 1946 to 1950, but without officially starting a mob war. But their audacious attack on the Corleone compound, ten men coming to attack the compound in three cars, took it too far. All of the Cuneo attackers were swiftly dealt with, all of them dying in a hail of gunfire. The Cuneos, however, were aided by turncoat Corleone enforcer Marty Malone, whose sister Frances Malone was murdered by the Tattaglias, and he blamed it on his friend and her boyfriend, Aldo Trapani, who was by now a soldier in the family. The Corleones counterattacked, under Sonny Corleone, who wanted to end the mob war by blowing up one of their businesses. They attacked Caruso!, a local bar racket that the Cuneos possessed. They found Cuneo capo Dino de Martini there, and ordered him to tell them where the racket was being supplied from. But just then, the Cuneo racket boss Dario Cicco made a run for it, warned by Malone beforehand. The Corleones pursued the racket boss to Holden Holdings, until recently a Tattaglia warehouse. The racket boss surrendered after a lengthy car chase, telling them that "Moose" Manzanero was supplying their rackets from a warehouse on the Hell's Kitchen waterfront at Holden Warehouse. The Corleones attacked and seized the warehouse, extorting Manzanero and ending the war. This would lead to the Cuneos sending two hitmen to participate in the Death of Sonny Corleone.