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Five Families War map

This is the timeline of the events surrounding and during the Five Families War (1946-1955).


Five Families[]

Five Families War[]

  • 1946 - Michael Corleone boards a cargo ship to escape to Sicily to avoid charges with the murder of the NYPD captain and Sollozzo.
  • 1946 - Police crack down on organized crime.
  • 1946 - Using newspapers, the Corleones make several stories linking McCluskey to drug rackets.
  • 1946 - In the third month of gangland violence, Emilio Barzini is questioned on the underworld feud.
  • 1948 - Murder of Barzini Capo Big Bobby Toro.
  • 1948 - Murder of Cuneo Capo Mario DeBellis in a duel in the sewer of Little Italy.
  • 1949 - Death of Tattaglia Capo Luigi Fusco.
  • 1950 - Shootout in the basement of St. Michael Archangel's Church leaves one civilian woman, Frances Malone, dead, along with several Tattaglia gunmen.
  • 1950 - Murder of Tattaglia underboss Bruno Tattaglia in revenge for Malone's death by lover Aldo Trapani, who throws him into the oven of Tito Morelli's.
  • 1950 - Third Cuneo War begins as Sonny Corleone and Aldo Trapani take over several Cuneo rackets, kill their Capo and a racket boss, and force Artie Manzanero to bribe the Corleones for protection instead of the Tattaglia family
  • 1951 - Death of Apollonia Vitelli, Corleone's wife.
  • 1951 - Death of Sonny Corleone at the hands of Cuneo, Stracci, Barzini, and Tattaglia hitmen.
  • 1951 - Official end of the Five Families War.
  • 1952 - Fighting continues with the murder of Nicholas Klaus, a Jewish businessman who controlled the Cuneo's business ties in New Jersey.
  • 1952 - Formation of the Clemenza crime family and the Tessio crime family as Michael Corleone moves the family's operations to Nevada, leaving NYC in their hands.
  • 1952 - Aldo Trapani becomes Underboss.
  • 1953 - Murder of Marty Malone, a Cuneo associate who was an FBI mole in the Corleone family's ranks.
  • 1953 - Death of Vito Corleone of natural causes.
  • 1953 - Death of Barzini Capo Pietro Testa, who was bribing the Police Chief of Little Italy.
  • 1954 - Murder of Domenico Mazza, a Barzini consigliere who was killed in a drive-by shooting.
  • 1954 - Death of Emilio Barzini, Jr., killed by a car bomb at Mazza's funeral procession.
  • 1954 - Murder of Moe Greene, a casino mogul.
  • 1955 - The Baptism of Fire: Stracci, Cuneo, Tattaglia, and Barzini are all killed by the Corleones at the baptism of Michael Rizzi, Michael Corleone's godson. This ends the main phase of the Five Families War.
  • 1955 - Tattaglias, Barzinis, Cuneos, and Straccis are eliminated with the bombings of their family compounds.
  • 1955 - Fighting with the Tattaglias continue until the Tattaglia family is eventually crushed and their enforcer Francesco Olivari is murdered.
  • 1956 - Aldo Trapani becomes Don of the Trapani crime family and the Don of New York.