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Tony Blundetto.jpg
Anthony Blundetto
Biographical Information
Aliases Tony Uncle Al
Gender Male
Born March 16, 1957
Newark, New Jersey
Died December 17, 2004
Newark, New Jersey
Affiliation Sopranos crime family
Title(s) Soldier

Anthony "Tony Uncle Al" Blundetto was a Soldato in the DiMeo crime family in the Moltisani Crew. He was whacked in 2004 for the murder of the Lupertazzi Brothers.


Blundetto was born in Newark, New Jersey, to an Italian-American family. He was the cousin of Tony Soprano and Christopher Moltisani, and was childhood friends with Tony, and to separate them, Tony Soprano was known by "Tony Uncle Johnny" and Tony Blundetto as "Tony Uncle Al". Blundetto rose up in the ranks of DiMeo crime family alongside his cousin, but in the 1980s, he was sentenced to 17 years in prison for a failed hijacking attempt that Soprano escaped. While in jail, he made friends with Angelo Garepe, the Lupertazzi Consigliere, and they were known as "The Class of 2004" with Phil Leotardo and Feech La Manna when they "graduated" from prison. 

When he was released, he helped Little Carmine against Johnny Sack and Leotardo in a civil war in the Lupertazzi Family. When he was seen with a limp by Tony Soprano, Tony knew that he was responsible for the death of Joe Peeps and his girlfriend; the body of Joe pushed the peddal and ran over Blundetto's foot. Soon, Leotardo killed Angelo in revenge, and Blundetto swore revenge, killing the Lupertazzi Brothers.


Blundetto dead.png

Tony Soprano was asked by Leotardo to eliminate his cousin as an act of revenge for the deaths of made men in the Lupertazzi crime family, and a reluctant Tony decided that he would kill him quickly. While Blundetto was picking up some logs to bring to his family house away from the city, he was shot in the head with a shotgun and killed instantly.