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Tony Russo
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1920
Died 1959
Affiliation Corleone.png Trapani crime family
Title(s) Caporegime

Tony Russo was a mobster of the Sicilian Mafia and a caporegime of the Trapani crime family.


Tony Russo was born in Queens, New York, to wealthy parents. He made his bones under Aldo Trapani in 1945, serving as one of the members of his original crew. He helped attack and defend businesses against Tattaglia crime family among others. Russo was sent to watch over his associates who ran over businesses in order to prevent them from renouncing the deals that they had made with his boss, and beat up enemies of Trapani as a brutal street enforcer. In 1955, when Aldo Trapani became Don of New York, Tony Russo became his handpicked caporegime. 


Tony Russo was killed in February 1959 by the Rosato Brothers following Aldo Trapani's death in Havana on New Years' Day. While walking outside of his apartment, he was encountered by Clyde Lando, an enforcer in Carmine Rosato's regime. Lando told him that his boss wanted to meet with him to talk about the new management of Trapani's territories, and Russo was lured into a bulletproof car. Lando, in the driver seat, turned and shot Russo once in the neck, killing him. The death was silent and only discovered when a car thief found a body in the vehicle. His position was terminated, as Norman Rossi became the sole Capo of Carmine Rosato's Family.