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Tony Zucco
Anthony Zucco
Biographical Information
Aliases Tony, Fats
Gender Male
Born 15 April 1959
New York
Affiliation Zucco crime family
Title(s) Don
Anthony "Tony" Zucco, also called Billy Marin, Simon Dirks, Sid the Squid, Killer Coburn, and Punky Leshwas an Italian-American mobster who was the estranged nephew of Arnold Stromwell. Zucco ran an outfit in the Lower East Side of New York, and was responsible for the murder of the "Flying Graysons" in 1984. He was arrested nine years later.

Biography Edit

Zucco was born to an Italian-American and English-American family, and was the nephew of mob boss Arnold Stromwell. He became an independent gang boss later on, and forced people to pay him to prevent property damage. In 1984, when the owner of Haley's Circus refused to pay the protection money, Zucco sabotaged the acrobat ropes, resulting in the deaths of three of the four "Flying Graysons", with the surviving ten year-old Dick Grayson swearing vengeance. Vigilante "The Batman" hunted Zucco, but failed to catch him, saving Grayson from drowning while in pursuit of him. 

In 1993, the Batman broke up a sabotage ring run by Zucco, and found out from his minion Ferris Dolan that he worked for a "Billy Marin", Zucco's alias. The Batman tracked Zucco down to an abandoned amusement park, where he picked off his minions. Grayson, now under the alias "Robin" and aiding the Batman, aided the Batman in capturing him. Grayson wanted to kill Zucco, but against his innermost desires, he let the NYPD take him in.