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!"I bet I'm king u sleep in a freezer in out space! I would look u in the eyes, but ur too much of a bitch to show your face!!!!!"-Me.

Hwelloh fellas, 'er is mah profile, ya'll.

I luv Diamonds!

"A cabra negra!" My cachprase

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Here are sum' of my quotes:

"After the jobh is done, I'm gonnah make love for a bottle of Tequilla, or a Diamond, find out suun."

"I'm tired of how u scream disturb the people up! Why don't you just take a vacation and shut the fuck up!!?"- A guy

"Cause' I'm evil, heart blacker than Don Cheadle! Ten thousand dollars shoes I use to stomp out a Beatle! And don't tell me to shut the fuck up, that's how I survive! Now here's Sting. What? Fuck it, we'll do it live!"- My respond

"Go0d, ese."

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My pages criminal profile[]

Surname: Stalker
First Name: James
Age: 42
Place of Birth: Hollywood
  • Leader of Stalker's Gang, and owner of Montana Hills Studios
Criminal Record:
  • 1990 - Count of rape
  • 1991 - Assault on woman
  • 2000 - Assault of Police officer
  • 2001 - Using drugs: Heroin
  • 2002 - Killing a woman.
  • Believed to mix reality with films.
  • Not much is known about him other than that he has a serious problem with rapism and stalking.

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Surname: Amiot
First Name: Elvis
Age: 45
Place of Birth: Paris
Criminal Record:
  • 1931 - Threathing a cop
  • 1931 - Using drugs: Marijuana
  • 1932 - Using drugs: Bud
  • 1944 - Attacking a citizen with gun.
  • Believed to be affiliated with Morgan crime family
  • His son ♥ to use drugs
  • Is known as a ladies' man.

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Funny names for karakters:

  • Mikey Soleri - Mikey Na Sence Se Deri (He yells at the shadows)
  • Donny Marinelli - Donni Pozimi ni Uporabljal 2 Mareli (Donny he didn't use two umbrellas during the winter)
  • Luigi Fusco - Luigi Pust To (Luigi leave that Alone)
  • Giovanni Armanno - Umazani Župan Ni Normaln (The Dirty Mayor's Mentally Disturned)
  • Freddie Nobile - Eddy Mobile
  • Bruno Tattaglia - Bruno Pofafaj Si Ga (Bruno Suck it)
  • Johnny Tattaglia - Johhny Pofafaj Si Ga (Johnny Suck it)
  • Sammy Tattaglia - Sammy Pofafaj Si Ga (Sammi Suck it)
  • Plinto Ottaviano - Plinto's Slonovo Glavo (Plinto with elephant head)
  • Leo Gossi - Peo Prosi - (peo pleases)
  • Oscar Zavarelle - Osu Za Ta Ognene (Donkey for the fire ones)


Phillip Cuneo.jpg
Surname: Cuneo
First Name: Phillip
Age: 46
Place of Birth: Vatican City, Italy
  • Cuneo family
Criminal Record:
  • 1995 - Count of robbery
  • 1996 - Count of robbery and murder
  • 1998 - Count of murder
  • 2001 - Count of drug trafficking
  • 2003 - Poisoned with a drug called "MK-Cut-N-Shut v. 3"
  • Believe to be associated with USA's most wanted man; Leo Kasper.
  • Most wanted man of New York.
  • Vicious crime boss.


Mama Cuneo.jpg
Surname: Cuneo
First Name: Marble
Age: 40
Place of Birth: Blackpool, UK
  • Cuneo family
Criminal Record:
  • 1997 - Count of robbery
  • 1998 - Spotted using drugs: Morphine
  • 2000 - Count of property destruction
  • 2001 - Count of petty thief
  • Wife of Don Phillip Cuneo, another inmate.
  • The New York's "REAL" robber.
  • Failed robbing a bank and so imprisoned.


Mikey Soleri.jpg
Surname: Cuneo
First Name: Marco
Age: 29
Place of Birth: London, UK
  • Cuneo family
  • Villain Video Enterprises
Criminal Record:
  • 1998 - Count of murder
  • 1999 - Count of whore slaughter
  • 1999 - Count of killing 5 whores
  • 2001 - Count of robbery
  • 2002 - Count of pimp slaughter
  • Son of mobster, Phillip Cuneo.
  • New York's "Jack the Ripper".
  • Best known for his bloodthirsty attitude.
  • Tried to bribe the cops many times but failed.


James Stalker head.png
Surname: Stalker
First Name: James
Age: 41
Place of Birth: Hollywood, California, USA
  • Villain Video Enterprises
Criminal Record:
  • 1990 - Count of raping
  • 1992 - Count of manslaughter
  • 1993 - Count of raping
  • 1995 - Snuff filming
  • 1998 - Count of raping
  • 2000 - Using drugs: Cocaine and heroin
  • 2001 - Count of snuff filming
  • Is known to have seriuse problems with raping.
  • Loves to watch horror and makes snuff films.


Piggsy head.jpg
Surname: Platin
First Name: Hunter
Age: ?
Place of Birth: Victoria, Texas, USA
  • Villain Video Enterprises's monster
Criminal Record:
  • 1972 - Count of manslaughter
  • 1989 - Count of killing 4 girls for no reason
  • Unknown if this "thing" is even a human being anymore.
  • Is known as Stalker's personal monster.
  • Acts like a pig, of course.