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Victor Zsasz
Victor Zsasz
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 15, 1969
London, England
Died June 8, 2008
Los Angeles, America
Affiliation Falcone crime family
Title(s) Soldier
'Victor 'Zsasz was an infamous butcher for the mob in Los Angeles. He was arrested in 2005 on charges of murder, attempted murder, and breaking and entering, but had over fifty charges of murder on the list. He was murdered in 2008.

Biography Edit

Victor Zsasz was born in London, England, to American parents on vacation. Zsasz returned to Los Angeles with his family in 1970. He was known to have a rough childhood, being involved with the mob from a young age. He went to jail when he was only ten, after shoplifting. Zsasz was involved in street gangs, since at the time, Italian families would not accept non-Italians into their ranks; Zsasz was of Hungarian and German descent. But by 1990, the mob had changed their tough restrictions to simpler terms, allowing blacks, Hispanics, and other non-Italian ethnic groups into their family. Zsasz became a "soldier" in the Falcone crime family, and was their main hitman. He murdered Joe Chill, who was a murderer who shared a cell with Carmine Falcone; if he testified against him, he would have early release or parole. Zsasz murdered countless other people, but Falcone associate Jonathan Crane, a mental physician and doctor, claimed that he was mentally ill and let him be in his care rather than? behind bars, several times. Zsasz, however, was arrested for drug possession in 2005, and slit his throat in jail with a shaving razor.